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Constantine was in the audience, yay!

Oh, is that not what I'm supposed to be focussing on?

Hmm, well, tough call. I didn't actually think either one of the finalists (Bo and Carrie) was stellar, though that was largely because the two original songs that they had to sing were BORING. I was hoping Bo would reprise Spinning Wheel because I thought he did a really good job of it early in the season, but it was not to be.

So, um. It could go either way, frankly. I'm gonna side with Simon and say that Carrie's gonna win. But I won't be shocked if Bo does.
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Sigh. )

Also: I won the Survivor pool that I was in with a few relatives and friends. My cousin also bought a can of Pringles with Survivor trivia questions and we had a contest with those. I won that too.

I spend way too much time watching TV.
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Keeping this one short and sweet. I think Vonzell will be next to go home while Carrie and Bo will go on as the final two.
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Tough call tonight. There were alot of boring songs - everyone seemed to have one good one and one bad one. Vonzell had a rough start and was in tears after her first song. Bo's second song was the highlight of the evening just 'cause he was dressed like such a pimp. Heh. Carrie and Anthony both sang "If You Don't Know Me By Now" as their second song - Carrie's version was awful, while Anthony's was quite good.

I'm a bit flummoxed as to who to pick. Again, I fear for Vonzell. But I'm going to say Anthony.

I miss Constantine. *sigh*
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So I honoured tonight's show with a glass of Fat Bastard wine. Heee. No, really, that's the name of it. It's from France, even.

Y'know, it's just not as much fun watching Idol without Constantine. Two songs we could have had from him! Phoo.

Anthony did not sing well tonight, particularly his first song. His lower range just isn't there. And yet, for some reason, I fear for Vonzell. But I am going to ignore that fear and say that Anthony is going home.

::crosses fingers for Vonzell::
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Oh yeah: Kristina - 5, American Public - 2.

I'm not impressed, American Public.

Simon Says

Apr. 26th, 2005 10:05 pm
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After all the Serenity squeeing, it was actually pretty hard to sit down and watch American Idol. But I did. And (insert Richard Dawson voice here) Simon says: Scott's going home! I really think he is this time. He sang an insipid song badly. Praise be!

The interview with Scott's mother: She thought he was going to be a priest? He's the heart and soul of America? Lord, I hope not - he was arrested for assaulting the mother of his child.

How cute was Anthony as a little kid? Hee. He's not my favourite, but kudos for having the courage to sing a Celine Dion song (she's not my favourite either). Not too many men would try that.

Everyone sang pretty well tonight (except for Scott), though I didn't know very many of the songs. Bo actually put the microphone stand down for a few seconds - but then went into withdrawal and picked it up again. But he looked endearingly fuzzy in the new beard, so all is forgiven.

Kristina says: Scott is outta here.
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OMG, I can't believe I got that one right. Anwar was sent home. :-(

WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP VOTING FOR SCOTT??? At least he was in the bottom three again - maybe he'll go next week.

I think Constantine is very, very safe - maybe that'll cheer [ profile] jwaneeta up a bit? :-)

Kristina - 5, American Public - 1
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Tonight's theme was spray-on chest hair.

OK, so it was really 70s dance music. I didn't really like many of the songs, but everyone sang pretty well. It's too bad Nadia wasn't here this week - it would have been a riot watching her. Constantine was wearing alot of eyeliner which for some reason made me imagine him in Rocky Horror Picture Show. I'd pay money to see that. :-) And the blonde freak of nature who showed up in the audience among his friends would fit right in.

Carrie looked like a singing hausfrau but she has such a strong voice and held her last note longer than I thought humanly possible. Scott was, well, Scott - 'nuff said about that. Anthony looked like his usual bland self but put on a decent performance. Anwar chose a good song for his voice - he was a bit sharp at the beginning (again) but finished well. Vonzell sang great, though I'd never heard the song before. Bo Bice must have recoiled in absolute horror when he heard what this week's theme was - somehow he managed to find a song that catered to his rock image and was much better than in the last couple of weeks. But put down the friggin' microphone stand already!

Tough call this week. I hope that Scott gets sent home. But I think that Anwar will be. He just didn't have enough chest hair.
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Sadly, I was right again this week - Nadia was the one to go home. Insane. Scott and Bo (!) joined her in the bottom three and Scott was the one to get the first reprieve. (He's obnoxious! He has an ego the size of... something really big! He sang Hall and Oates! EW!) How is it possible for Scott, Anthony, and Anwar to be in the competition longer than Nadia?

I still liked the song she sang last night. I think if she hadn't been the first to perform that things might have gone better for her. When you go first, you get lost in the shuffle.


Kristina - 4, American Public - 1
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The theme to tonight's show was, apparently, 'rock out'. Scott Savol obnoxiously claimed to be the real rocker of the group and rocked out to... Hall and Oates? Ew. Carrie Underwood did rock out to Pat Benatar and I thought she did a good job of it. Vonzell really rocked - she just gets better every week - and it was fun seeing Constantine sing Bohemian Rhapsody. He ain't no Freddy Mercury and his voice came perilously close to cracking at least once, but I give him an A for showmanship effort. Though he could still take a couple of lessons from last season's Canadian Idol 3rd place finisher Jacob Hoggard who went all Ziggy Stardust in very convincing fashion one episode. OTOH, the actual real rocker of the group, Bo (short for Bogart) Bice, was kinda coasting a little. He can afford to, but still - dude, do something other than carry the microphone stand around. (Bogart Bice? What were his parents thinking??)

If I had my druthers, Scott would be going home this week - his 'I'm so great' pre- and post-song attitude really bugged me. However, he seems to have a big fanbase while Nadia, who has a fantastic voice, seems to have a very unforgiving one. So my prediction this week is Nadia and I hope I'm wrong.

And was it my imagination, or was Ryan Seacrest hitting on Anwar with that 'still has time to work out' comment? :-)
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Well, I got that one wrong! The bottom three: Scott, Nikko, and Vonzell. OK, so good that Nadia wasn't there again, but Vonzell?? She was great!

::shakes head::

Anyway, Nikko was the one to leave this week. Poor lad must hardly know where he is - he comes, he goes, he comes back, he goes...

Kristina - 3, American Public - 1.
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I watched this week's AI in a near-comatose state - I am just wiped from the weekend, though I'm not sure why. Perhaps vacuuming Jim's new house for three solid hours has something to do with it. (It was REALLY dirty!)

Anyway, Constantine, Carrie, and Vonzell owned the stage tonight. I thought they were fantastic. Bo Bice, OTOH, phoned his performance in - I think he just wanted to get this theme out of the way and move on. Though he could really have done something with it - show of hands anyone who thought he should have sung something from Jesus Christ, Superstar? Hee! He coulda brought the house down, I tell ya.

Not really a fan of Nikko myself - something about his style just bugs me. But he sang well enough, as did Anwar, though both of them were rather weak and hard to hear near the bottom of their ranges. Thank goodness Nadia did well - she's just too good to keep winding up in the bottom 3.

I think it's between Scott Savol and Anthony Federov. Scott sounded very off-key to me and Anthony just sort faded into invisibility with a lacklustre performance. Scott at least looked good (well, as good as he can look), so my prediction is: Anthony Federov will be the next to leave.
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Muppet!Idols. Hee!! They were too cute. Do the contestants get to keep their own muppets?

Right again - Jessica Sierra was voted off. That's Kristina - 3, American Public - 0.

How does Nadia keep winding up in the bottom 3?? And does anyone know how tall Constantine is? I love the way he dwarfs Ryan Seacrest.
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Hmm, a little harder making my pick this week. I didn't think that Scott Savol sang very well and I think he really *needs* to in order to keep his fans. OTOH, I thought that Jessica Sierra was also not very exciting tonight and she's in danger of being the 'other blonde' to Carrie Underwood. So I'm torn.


Scott Savol. Changed my mind. I think Scott fans might give him another chance. So - Jessica Sierra.

(If Nadia winds up being at the bottom again, I'm gonna be ticked!)
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It took them an extra day to sort phone numbers out and they had to do a second vote, but I was right - Mikalah is out.

Kristina - 2, American Public - 0


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