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There are plans in the works for a Battlestar Galactic prequel. :-) It's gonna be called Caprica and will be set 50 years before the Cylons attacked.
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I was just sifting through some old posts and came across the ones I made when I first started watching Battlestar Galactica. I noticed in the miniseries that the viper pilots all touched a photograph before going on a mission and I wondered who it was. I forgot to mention that Katee Sackhoff answered this question at Polaris earlier this month: apparently, it's a photo of a survivor surveying the devastation on Caprica after the initial attack of the Cylons, and the viper pilots use it as a touchstone to remember what they're fighting for.

Now I know.


Jun. 1st, 2007 04:29 pm
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The producers of Battlestar Galactica have announced that the fourth season will be its last.

On one hand, bummer. On the other, going out on a strong note is a good thing. No one likes to see a series limp across the finish line.

Fourth-season episodes are due to start in early 2008, while a two-hour special titled "Razor" focussing on Battlestar Pegasus will air in November.

Katee Sackhoff is slated as one of the guests at Toronto's Polaris (the convention formerly known as Toronto Trek) on Sunday, July 8. :-)
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I live in a warehouse. My work attire must be selected from the small stack of wrinkled clothing that has not yet found its way into a box. I've reached that stage of packing where you think, "I'd like to take a look at that book or that DVD" or even "I'd like to use that casserole dish to make dinner" and remember that that book, DVD, and casserole dish are all irretrievable at the bottom of a stack of boxes that reaches nearly to the ceiling. Have I mentioned that the mere sight of cardboard gives me hives?

God, I hate moving.

I have also discovered that I have bad utilities karma. I called the Peterborough utilities service to inquire as to why I've never received a bill from them and to cancel my account yesterday. Turns out that they've never heard of me, never recieved my application or down payment last fall, and neither of us has any idea who's being paying for my electricity for the past five months. To even things out, I received a bill from Ottawa Hydro last week. The manager of my previous co-op never reported the name change on my old apartment to Ottawa Hydro, so I've had to pay for five months of someone else's electricity use.

God, I hate moving.

Doctors are in very short supply in Peterborough, for some reason. I got a referral from my doctor in Ottawa to one here and have been waiting for her to contact me ever since. I figured it would take a while--half of the people in Peterborough have no GP and waiting lists for specialists are about a mile long. When the refills on my prescriptions came close to running out, I got in touch with my old doctor's office and learned that the new doctor has been trying to contact me without success for four months. The reason for the lack of success? Her receptionist was calling me at my old Ottawa numbers, one of which now belongs to a nursing home. I'm not sure why the receptionist for a Peterborough (area code: 705) doctor didn't wonder why she was dialling an Ottawa number (area code: 613) to make an appointment for a new patient. ::is confused::

God, I hate moving.

On the up side, I had a very long and x-rated dream about Adam Baldwin and Amber Benson last night which was kind of fun.

I had a meltdown over nothing and everything on Saturday and was feeling somewhat inclined to repeat the experience yesterday evening, so I sat down and watched the last three episodes of Battlestar Galactica instead. Productive? Not so much. But a welcome escape.

What the frak?? )


Nov. 16th, 2006 11:45 am
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I Voted for Roslin


You can buy this bumper sticker at the Muscle Magicians Store at Café Press.


Aug. 31st, 2006 07:57 pm
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Ha! The President of the Colonies was Colm Feore. Canadians are taking over. :-)

He turned up in a S4 episode of Nikita, too. That man is everywhere.
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I called the collision repair shop today to see what progress there was to report on my battered car. They have the parts, but don't expect the repairs to be finished until late next week. They haven't even looked at Jim's car yet. Peterborough really is a small town. (Remind me again why I'm making vague attempts to find a job and move there?)

I'm heading down thataways this weekend for Jim's annual extended-family BBQ on Saturday and thence to SFX to see Morena Baccarin, Juliet Landau, and James Callis at SFX on Sunday. I was rather hoping that the repairs would be done in time for me to drive home in my own car, not the rental. Two weekends from now, I'm going to Toronto with Jim for a wedding. If I have to go down in between those times to pick my car up, that'll make four six-to-eight-hour round trips from Ottawa to Bancroft/Peterborough/Toronto in four consecutive weekends. ::cries::

On the up side, I figured out last night how to bit torrent! Go me. I must now make a serious effort to finish BSG S2 before seeing Gaius at SFX. A fan's work is never done, I tell ya. Figures I'd work it out just as I was getting into Veronica Mars S2.

Anyone got a good Gaius icon? I need a Gaius icon.

In other good news, as [ profile] redeem147 reported the other day, Serenity won a Hugo award for Best Long Form. Morena Baccarin accepted on behalf of Joss. You can see and hear her reading Joss's acceptance speech here.

Wow, five tags for one post. That's gotta be a personal best.
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So, Starbuck is everything that Tasha Yar wanted to be, right?

Who is in the photo that the pilots touch before heading out?
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Having finished weeping copiously while watching my S2 Party of Five DVDs (gorram, that show always makes me cry), I decided that I needed something to augment my weekend of editing cod. I headed out to Future Shop only to discover that they had neither House nor Veronica Mars in stock. Phooey on them. They did have a lot of copies of Battlestar Galactica, however. I remembered Joss posting the following to Whedonesque (scroll way down) last month:

I'm just sneaking in to say I've been continuing to watch BSG, the wife and I are about halfway through season one and gushing isn't gonna cover this one. You guys have heard me gush, so it won't have any real meaning. You have to imagine Pauline Kael bursting into song, Lionel Barrymore In "Wonderful Life" jumping up and jitterbugging with George Bailey, the Grinch's heart growing three sizes... you gotta start down there to explain what it feels like up here. I'll put it simply. The show is humbling. Not since the Matrix (the first one) have I had such a strong desire to go to writing school. I think it's so passionate, textured, complex, subversive and challenging that it dwarfs everything on TV. Or in theaters. Or boho perfomances spaces. Stuff hanging in the Tate? Not as cool. I'm not gonna go on, because I have to get back to work and because if I really start, this post will crash the internet from sheer length. Only downsides are a) I was already having a crisis of confidence, thank you very much and b) I can't go near any Sci-Fi mags for fear of spoilers. Apart from that, life is to be loved. The Gods are to be praised. Back to the job. -j.

joss | June 12, 21:18 CET

So I figured I'd see what it was like, because the man just doesn't have enough influence over my life already. So far, I've watched the miniseries and it's kinda not bad. Even if it doesn't have Hugh Laurie in it.


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