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I am unaccountably cranky today, so I went and got sushi for lunch. :-) The nice fellow at the sushi bar slipped me an extra piece in my order. :-) And then I splattered soy sauce on my pants while eating it. :-( SIGH!

The good news from the Browncoat Backup Bash just keeps on coming. [ profile] wickedgoddess_ has reported that Sunday's host was none other than Tim Minear. I'm thinking that the BBB may have actually turned out better than the original Flanvention would have been.

On the subject of the upcoming Buffy comics, I can say quite unreservedly that I am looking forward to them. I'm not a huge comics reader, but I'll take my Joss any way I can get him. I'm sorry that there won't be much Spike or Angel in the series, I don't expect to see much in the way of shippiness at all, and I'm sure that there will be elements that I (and others) will like and dislike and that we'll all disagree on which are which... but I think Joss and the other authors will take us for a good ride. I love the new twist he's put on The Girl in Question and the way he dealt with the whole Immortal issue with just one line.

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EW has an interview with Joss about the upcoming Buffy comics. It's planned to be a "25-to-30-issue saga"! Joss is calling it Season 8 and is writing the first four installments himself. It sounds like Angel and Spike may be mentioned in flashbacky context or something--they're in it somehow, but not as major roles as AtS characters are owned by a different comic book company. Which, for Spike, is a little odd as he was on AtS for one season and BtVS for five. Whatever.

Also, [ profile] drusplace found another cartoon strip that mentions Joss and the Buffyverse.

Finally, happy birthday to [ profile] mangosorbet007! I hope your day was a good one.
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Joss posted to Whedonesque last Friday:

Just wanted to drop in and say "Thank God we got rid of Marts." An evil, petty man with an enormous hookah and a smelly, writhing bag of toads. He's the worst thing to happen to the X-men since, well, me.

Truth be typed, Mike has been a great editor and a sweetheart of a guy. Marvel's loss is D.C.'s gain, and affects Oni press in no way. Mike helped me do a hell of a lot of catching up on the X-verse, was always patient with a)my confusion and b)me. A gent. Now I read some folk bashin' 'cause of X-continuity issues but that is not Mike's fault. It's not even mine. X-continuity is a statistical impossibility. Too many books, too many schedules, too many cross-overs -- that's why my stuff tends to take place all in one day or way out of town. Mike couldn't tell you if my stories come exactly before or after certain things and neither could I. So let that lie. I'm just gonna miss a cool colleague.

(Bag of toads? Hell was that about?)

And since I haven't posted (anything real) in some time let me bring y'all up to speed. The Brothers Warner HAVE read Wondy Gal, and are arranging a meeting to tell me that it is a perfect crystalline gem and I must not change a word, nay, not a syllable. I'm certain that's how it will go. I'm pounding away on X-men #18 and Buffy #2 and having a blast. Like a "close the blast doors" sized blast, especialy after I saw my first page of Georges Jeanty's Buffy art. That cute little sketch on his website? No, no, silly british man. The real thing is SO deeply cherry. It makes the fun I'm having revisiting these characters increase tenfold. For you Goners folk out there, just know I'm fine-tuning the script, feeling increasingly passionate about it, and I'm anxious to start dribbling out cryptic, frustrating hints. Soon.

Some other little irons in the fire, when they're hot I'll pull 'em out and brand you. Keep the faith, spread the love, take the red pill, smell the coffee, fight the power, do the hustle, mow the lawn, eat the rich, Mott the Hoople, kick the can, bag the toads and If They Move, Kill 'Em. xoxo -j.
joss | August 25, 02:06 CET

I'm quite curious to know what Goners is going to be about.
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Allie announced that Joss Whedon has signed on for a new "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" comic and has "an outline for about 20 issues." The book is "season 8 of the [TV] series," Allie said, and picks up a few months after the end of the series. The book will feature art by Georges Jeanty and covers by Jo Chen.

Twenty issues!

Spike Comic

Oct. 6th, 2005 12:36 pm
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There's a new Spike comic coming out:

Spike vs. Dracula--Five issue limited series that IDW just got the go-ahead for, charting the history of the Spike/Dracula feud and why specifically Dracula owes Spike money. Slated to feature guest appearances by Drusilla, Darla, Bela Lugosi, Ed Wood, and Adolf Hitler. Slated for early next year.

Spike and Ed Wood - sounds like required reading to me!


Aug. 22nd, 2005 08:48 pm
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So, I got my Old Times comic in the mail today. There's a head-on shot of the DeSoto complete with the correct license plate in it. :-) Which doesn't actually translate into a very good icon, at least not with my skills. :-( Still, had to do it.

Decent story, BTW, though it does meddle with canon a little. Read it like it's fanfic and you'll be OK.

I also got The Curse #3 and Serenity #2 (all three covers). Still waiting for Serenity #1 - grr!


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