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Dec. 30th, 2004 09:22 pm
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Still catching up on my LJ reading and just starting to watch my Buffy Season 7 DVDs.

I rewatched S6 to 'prepare' (because I wanted to drag this out as long as possible) and I was struck again by how pretty S6 is. I don't know squat about filming or lighting or production values or anything like that, but the colours of S6 seem so rich. S5 always seemed grainy to me, but S6 just looks nice. In spite of the dark storylines.

When I watched S6 on TV, I was all with the Spike-love and not really noticing much of anything else. When I bought the DVDs, I was surprised upon viewing them at how much darkness there was in Spike that season and I wondered how I'd missed it the first time. On my third trip through, I was quite pleased at how the duality of his nature came across. The soul-getting part was still as vague as all hell - every time, I'm convinced he's going to Africa to get the chip removed. But for the other episodes, I liked the way they showed him struggling to overcome his demon, sometimes succeeding and occasionally slipping.

So now I'm into S7 - just barely, having watched all of two episodes. I remember liking S7 at the start and the end, but finding the middle rather flat. Which is too bad, because they had a great premise to work with. The Potentials (not that we knew they were Potentials) being chased and killed by the Bringers was creepy and mysterious. Though it did get me wondering how the Bringers knew who was a Potential and who wasn't. I also wondered again where Kit and Carlos went? And why? They could have been fun.

Finally, I must gush. I'm still blown away by the last scene in Beneath You - it was masterful (Marsterful?). Very Shakespearean and wonderfully done by JM. I think it's one of the best scenes in the entire series - and then they just left him smoking on the cross and never referred to it again.

Le sigh.
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So, still working my way through Angel Season 4. And still not in love with it. Reading the Yeats' poem helps, but doesn't make up for the whole Cordelia/Connor thing. There's an essay in Five Seasons of Angel called The Assasination of Cordelia Chase and I have to agree - that's pretty much what they did to her character.

Also? The Elvira fashion statements. Ick.

Went to Peterborough this past weekend to visit Significant Other. Only time for one Buffy episode: Passion. A small voice asked, during the penultimate scene, "She's dead?" Yeah, hon, she really is. This has gotta be at least the sixth time I've seen it but that episode still blows me away. Brutality and elegance, all mixed together.

Which kind of brings me back to Angel Season 4. I thought at the time, and still think, that the writers kind of wimped out when they brought Angelus back this time. I mean, he had free rein in L.A. for, well, days (weeks in TV viewer time) and the only thing he killed was The Beast. A lotta talk and little action, Angelus. Hang your head in shame.

On a separate note, picked up my copy of Buffy Season 7 tonight on the way home from work. I don't know whether to be happy or sad. I'm excited to finally get it, even though I wasn't crazy about the season as a whole, but OTOH it's the last one.

No more Buffys to buy.



Oct. 24th, 2004 08:32 pm
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AtS S4 Awakening

"Wood. Why did it have to be wood?"

Guess Joss liked Raiders of the Lost Ark too. :-)


Oct. 24th, 2004 11:35 am
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Still working my way through my Angel Season 4 DVDs and just watched Long Day's Journey. The end credits included "In Loving Memory of Glenn Quinn".

First soldier down.


For some reason, the disc containing this episode has only three episodes on it instead of four. There aren't any special features that use up the remaining space. Do you suppose this is symbolic?
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Just finished watching my Season 6 DVDs. Gotta say, Villains was gorier than I remember. I think that makes at least the fourth time I've seen Two To Go and Grave. And still the ending with Xander and Willow makes me sniffle.

For a professed atheist, Joss sure has alot of Christian imagery in his series. I mean, hey, a *carpenter* saved the world. :-)

And - cool - that's twice that Sarah MacLachlan has sung at the end of the apocalypse-savage. Canadian!

Now I gotta wait until the fall for the Season 7 DVDs to come out. ::sighs::

Oh well, time to rewatch Angel S5.
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The movie, I mean. Watched it tonight for the first time. Wow - scary. But not because of the vampires. Just - eeuurrgh. So glad the series became so much more than that!

No wonder Joss hated it so much and wanted a do-over. Oh well, had to have it to complete my collection.
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Oh. My. God.

Still working my way through the newly-acquired BtVS S6 DVDs and watched Once More With Feeling tonight. Now, it's not like I haven't seen it before. I saw it when it aired and again just a few months ago when I discovered that I still had it on tape. Plus, bought the CD a couple months ago too. Nevertheless, I was *totally* blown away while watching it tonight. Seeing it in context - in addition to being newly impressed by S6 - well, let's just say I can't remember the last time I had so much fun by myself. :-)

What an amazing hour of television. There are no words save for these: Joss is God.

And way cool special features for this episode: commentary by Joss Whedon (which I haven't listened to yet because I really should be going to bed), a behind-the-scenes making-of documentary by David Fury (which is almost as long as the episode itself), and Buffy karaoke for three songs - I nearly died laughing!

I wish Tara's song had been one of the three, though - it's been running through my head all day, so it would have been fun to sing along with. Doesn't matter - I've already got the CD put out to bring to work with me tomorrow. I'll just close my door and listen to it all day.

I just can't get over how much more I'm enjoying S6 this time around. I'm kind of wondering where my brain was two years ago. At the moment, I'm liking it more than S5 - it even seems to look better. There's something about the way they filmed S5 that made it look dark and grainy. S6, OTOH, has portraits of wonderful colours and perfect film-like quality.

Anyway, that's tonight's endorsement for the BtVS S6 DVDs. I'm going to Amazon now to order the script/music for OMWF.

Oh ya - tomorrow night? Tabula Rasa ::sighs happily::
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Have watched a few more episodes of Buffy Season 6 and, I have to say, so far I'm quite impressed. I know there was alot of complaining about the Troika, but I think they're funny. The episodes aren't as depressing as I remember, but I'm only up to All The Way, so I guess that comes later. I didn't remember S6 as being a particularly strong season (although I always did like Two To Go and Grave) - thinking I may have to revise my opinion.

And - hey - cool seeing Joan of Arcadia (Amber Tamblyn) as Janice.
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I got my Buffy S6 DVDs in the mail the other day and just watched Bargaining I and II. What a surreal experience it was seeing them again! I only started watching BtVS in S5 (my first episode ever was The Replacement), so I was missing alot of history (that's putting it mildly) when I saw Season 6 the first time. But I've been reading about S6 alot ever since I discovered fanfiction last year - since much of my reading has been redemptionist stories about Spike, many of the stories are set in S6. Actually seeing Bargaining was like walking into the set of all those stories. Very weird. But I like. :-)

I like the way they combined the two episodes into one on the DVD. I remember watching them as two separate shows when they first aired, but they're better this way.

One of the little flyers inside the box said that S7 is coming out in October. The heading on the flyer was "The End Is Near..." It's going to be very bittersweet when I get S7 - no more seasons to look forward to seeing again. And, by then, the end of Angel will seem even more real... *sniff*


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