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Jim's an engineer, which means he's not quite like the other boys. ;-) On top of his engineeriness, I strongly suspect that he's dyslexic. Listening to him read out loud is an adventure--he either reverses the order of letters (which is why we eat tofu, but Jim eats tufo) or he inserts letters and syllables into words that have never been there before. Sometimes he makes up entirely new words and I have to back-calculate to figure out what he meant (best one to date: insensationable). His spelling is atrocious, and he generally has to write and rewrite emails at least twice before they say what he intends them to say. I tease him by telling people that Jim doesn't have a first language.

Which is why I'll be living with a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, or Toller for short, and Jim will be living with a Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retriever, or Troller. I suppose we could drag the dog behind the boat and see if she can catch ducks that way...
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Excerpt from an email conversation between me and Jim while we were both at work yesterday afternoon:

Jim: I have an early curling game tonight.
Me: Okay. Are you coming home first?
Jim: Ya - I need pants (forgot them this morning).

What he meant, of course, was that he'd forgotten to take the pants he wears for curling to work with him, not that he'd forgotten to put any on yesterday morning. But still. ::snickers::

Also, a meme, 'cause everyone's doing it:

Comment on this post. I will choose seven userpics from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.
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Jim finally made it the end of BtVS S5. We watched the last two episodes in one evening because he couldn't wait to find out how it turned out. Before he started seeing me (and therefore before he was properly introduced to the Buffyverse), he'd only ever seen the scene from Weight of the World where Buffy was suffocating Dawn with a pillow. It's no wonder he didn't think the rest of the episode was worth sticking around for.

I don't know how he thought The Gift was going to end, but not in the way that it did. "But... but... " he exclaimed, running over to the bookshelf with all my DVDs on it. "Buffy's on the cover of Season 6. *And* Season 7! She must come back, right?"

I grinned at him and said, "Maybe Seasons 6 and 7 are Buffybot the Vampire Slayer."


The next day, I made him read All Set Down, my alternative ending to The Gift. He was a bit taken aback by the goriness, but thought it made as much sense as Joss's ending.


Sep. 11th, 2007 04:48 pm
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Jim is still slowly working his way through BtVS S5 (which means I get to rewatch all of them with him, of course). I was a little worried how he'd react to The Body--his mother died of cancer when he was just 12 years old. He did okay with it, although I don't think it's an episode that he'll ever watch again. Like many before him have said, he thought it caught the shock and disbelief of losing a family member really well.

Last night, we watched Intervention while eating dinner. I nudged him to make sure he was watching when Spike realized that it was the real Buffy, not the Buffybot, kissing him at the end of the episode. Wanting to drive the message about Spike's changing nature home, I had started to make some remark about it when I looked over at him and realized that he was tearing up. Something about that scene really struck a chord in him. It's possible that he's becoming a Spuffy shipper. Hee.

Also in the Jims-are-so-cute file: I came home last night from choir practice to find him sweaty and dishevelled. He'd spent the entire time I was gone cleaning bathrooms and vacuuming. :-)
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The sale of Jim's old house (which, technically, is newer than the new house, but never mind) closed yesterday. Which meant that a goodly part of the weekend was spent moving two trailer-loads of odds and ends from the old to the new. We have an unusually large entranceway--the front door opens where two wide corridors meet, so the zillions of boxes were dumped there because that's what was easiest and it was starting to rain. There were so many boxes, however, that they were stacked up nearly to the height of my head, and we had just a narrow alleyway through which to walk.

Jim's kids are out of school and on their week-here, week-there summer schedule with us and their mother. Jim took this week off work to stay home with them (LittlestJim is only eight years old, so leaving him home alone with a pool isn't an option). I had hoped that he would spend at least part of the day carting boxes from the front hall into the basement. I got home last night to discover that he had indeed gotten sick of the mess and spent quite some time cleaning... the garage.

The garage. He even vacuumed it. Meanwhile, none of the boxes in the house had been touched. ::headdesk::

I think it's actually safer to leave LittlestJim unsupervised for a day than it is his father.


In other news, my father (also a man who is not entirely normal :-) got some fan mail yesterday. He's written two murder mysteries that are set in St. John's, Newfoundland, in the 1940s and is currently working on a third (which, yes, I'm supposed to be betaing, but I've been a bit distracted by writing fanfic lately, and I'm about to become a lot distracted by Harry Potter). His hero is Inspector Eric Stride. This was the email he received:

Hello Mr. Curran,

I absolutely love your Inspector Stride Novels. I have them both and when I first read them, I could not put them down. I think the fact that the mysteries are about Newfoundland and Newfoundlanders, allows me to relate to things like the language "Newfoundeese", etc! You are definitely by far my favorite author, and I know you may be busy, but I would love for you to write more Inspector Stride mysteries, like 100 more! I'd buy them all! I LOVE the stories! I simply cannot put into words how much I appreciate your work! Thank-you! Please write more! =)

[Dad's biggest fan],
Woody Point, Newfoundland

I suspect his feet have not yet touched the floor. :-)


Jun. 29th, 2007 12:52 pm
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Jim's known about the fandom side of me pretty much since Day 1 of our relationship. I used it as a bit of a litmus test, actually--I figured if he was going to react negatively to the slightly obsessive, nerdy side of me, I might as well know from the get-go and not waste my time. He's also known about the fanfic for about as long, but I'm not sure that he's ever actually read anything that I've written. The earliest that any of my few fics are set is mid-Season 3 of BtVS (and that one was my first and it's not terribly good), and it took him a while to get that far in the watching of it.

However, he's closing in on the end of Season 4 now. We watched New Moon Rising last night and said goodbye to Oz for the last time. And then I made him read Waiting For You because the Istanbul reference was fresh in his mind and because I'm rather fond of that one. For some reason, he didn't twig to the fact that he was reading a post on my LJ, so the conversation after he finished it went like this:

Jim: (looking impressed) Who wrote this?

Me: (slightly indignant) Me!

Jim: Holy shit!


Then he told me I could be a 'professional writer', by which he meant a writer of novels, which I'd be willing to take a crack at if I could actually think of, y'know, a plot.
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As many of you know, after 2+ years of being in a long-distance relationship with Jim, I moved to Peterborough a few months back so that we could live in the same city. He has three kids, while I have none, so I was the more mobile of the pair.

Not surprisingly, Jim owns a house. It’s cute, but small—it’s really a two-bedroom house that he strong-armed into being a three-bedroom house by making the main-floor den his bedroom. It accommodates his bed and a dresser, but not much else. Other than the bathroom, it’s the smallest room in the house, so there’s no way of squishing me and my stuff in there.

As for me, I’m living in an apartment at the moment—my thought was that I’d get to know the city a little bit and decide if I wanted to cohabitate with Jim and kidlets before buying something myself. We’ve looked at a wide variety of houses—wee houses that’d be just for me and much larger ones that would accommodate three children, one relatively normal adult, and one, well, slightly less normal one.

I’m 43. I’ve lived alone for most of my adult life. I haven’t lived with children since I was one myself. I didn’t have to take the Meyers-Briggs test to know that I score very highly as “introvert.” If Jim and decide to live together, I need what my equally introverted sister describes as a “cave”—that is, a place that I can go and sit quietly on my own when I need to recover from the unaccustomed company. This could be my own place or just my own room within a larger house.

So, the options here are three: (1) Buy my own little house (a/k/a “cave”) and visit often. (2) Renovate Jim’s house so that it has more than one bathroom and a master bedroom that is bigger than a shoebox. (3) Buy a bigger house that will fit all of us.

All three options have their advantages and drawbacks, of course, and I seem to be caught in an endless cycle of dithering and changing my mind. And so, a poll (but one without ticky boxes, because the options have too many characters for LJ):

Kristina should:

(A) Buy her own house. You can decorate it however you like, and you won’t have to pick up after Jim (a/k/a “entropy with feet”) or his kids. When you get tired of going home to an empty place night after night after night after night, you can fill it with cats and become known as that eccentric old lady of uncertain sanity at the end of the street who frightens small children.

(B) Put an addition on Jim’s house. This is probably the least expensive of the three options, but also entails the most work and probably the most stress. Have you ever heard of a major renovation that was finished on time and on budget? And the mess—you’ll be finding drywall dust in your underwear for *years*. But don’t worry—you can split the proceedings of the increased value of the house when you sell it during the resulting divorce.

(C) Pool resources with Jim and buy a bigger house. There are some lovely big old houses in Peterborough that would go great with your antiques and that would provide you with a “cave.” They tend to be pricey, mind you. But, hey, soul-crushingly large mortgages are fun! And eating is overrated anyway.

::collapses in a heap of indecision::

On Men

Jan. 15th, 2007 02:01 pm
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You know what the real difference between men and women is? When men get sick, they lie in bed and moan. No, really--they moan.

Jim came down with the flu last Wednesday and is only finally getting over it today. Granted, he had several fairly unpleasant days--his fever was at least 102F for most of that time and once went up to 104F. But still, the moaning? A little over the top.

::pets him anyway::

Also, a meme from [ profile] redeem147:

"Reply to this post, and I'll tell you [at least] one reason why I like you. Then put this in your own journal, and spread the love."
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I'm not much of a shopper. Mostly I buy books, CDs, and DVDs, which means that I mostly buy things online. When I break down and decide that I need new clothes, I tend to buy stuff that'll last. Practical stuff. Stuff that'll stand up to repeated washings and doesn't require dry cleaning. Stuff that never goes out of style because it's never really in style. I generally dress tidily and respectably and reasonably attractively, but stylishly? Not so much. I also don't wear make-up unless I'm going to a wedding or something. Since I generally try to avoid weddings, it doesn't happen that often.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm really a girl.

Jim, OTOH, doesn't mind shopping, but he doesn't like to spend money. I'm not sure how he reconciles those two things, but he does. Generally it means that he's willing to tag along to the mall with Daughter o' Jim as long as she doesn't take hours to pick something out or ask him to pay for too much.

This weekend, however, we both had to put all that aside and Get The Christmas Shopping Done. I've never spent so many consecutive hours in stores in my life. I thought my feet were going to fall off. I had to set up an IV of white wine to recover when I got home. For his part, Jim more or less melted his credit card: after a series of unusual purchases, he discovered that it wouldn't work anymore. An hour later, the credit card company phoned him to make sure that he'd actually been the one doing the buying--they'd frozen his account because they thought his card had been stolen. Heee.

The purchases that caused all this? (1) Jim discovered online shopping on Saturday night after Round 1 at the stores and ordered a whack of DVDs. (2) He bought me a ring. It has not yet been established whether or not he's officially divorced, and he's kind of squeamish about the subject of marriage, having come out of a particularly bad one several years ago, so we're calling it a "commitment ring." He's willing to call it an engagement ring as long as people know that we're going to be engaged for about 20 years. I told him that if he ever actually wants me to marry him, he's gonna have to get down on one knee and propose properly.

Looking at rings accounted for a fair amount of the shopping on Saturday as neither of us could make up our minds. We had several potential candidates and finally drifted into one last jewellery store just to be sure. I started trying on everything, just for fun, including a $10,000 ring with three fairly honking diamonds on it. (I had to--when am I ever gonna wear something like that again?) I also tried on another one with much smaller, but very sparkly, diamonds, and damned if I didn't come over all girly just looking at it. It was still a wee bit pricey, though no where near 10K, and I was just kidding, really. Then we went for lunch, and I was about to tell him to get me (the much less expensive) one that we'd seen somewhere else when he suggested we go back to the last store again. I think all the twinkling hypnotized him or something. It's now in being resized to fit my finger, and I really want to get it back because it's just so pretty!

And so we learned two lessons this weekend: I am, indeed, a girl, and Jim's not nearly as much of a skinflint as he thinks he is.
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  • Went to Stratford with Jim to see Oliver! last Friday. It was great fun and Colm Feore made a terrific Fagin (I knew he would). When the actors came out for their bows, the entire audience spontaneously booed Bill Sikes because he is teh ev0l. I suspect the poor fellow has been booed after every single performance, which just means, of course, that he has done his job well. He took it in good humour and laughed.
  • I learned while flipping through a book on the history of the Stratford Festival that Colm Feore's first role there was as Romeo in 1984. Several hours later, I realized that I actually saw that play with my mother. Me and Colm Feore? We go way back.  :-)
  • I've had songs from Oliver! running through my head for five days now.
  • I finally got my car back from the body shop. Total cost of repair was $6500. I suspect the cost for Jim's car was twice that. They must have disconnected the battery while working on my car because the anti-theft feature of my radio/CD player had gone off which made it unuseable. I didn't have the code to fix it with me, so had to drive three hours from Peterborough to Ottawa on Sunday evening in the dark and in silence. Boring.
  • Jim and I went to a Chinese wedding on Saturday--I wore my Serenity jacket from the London Prop Store. The wedding itself was very North American, but the reception was held in a Chinese restaurant. We were treated to a ten-course banquet which included suckling pig, jellyfish, and shark fin soup. I didn't care for the soup, but the jellyfish was actually not bad.
  • Joel Grey guest-starred on House last night. This pleased me immensely.
  • I have a telephone interview for a job in Peterborough tomorrow morning. I have to give a 15-minute presentation--which will be weird over the phone. I'm sitting here practicing it over and over again because the topic isn't all that familiar and my vocabulary keeps abandoning me.


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I only had one day--Sunday--at SFX this year. I missed both the Canadian Browncoat lunch and dinner/Shindig on Saturday. :-( As I was there for 2.5 days last year, with the Serenity fantable occupying much of my time, this year's quick Sunday breeze-through left me feeling a little as if I'd only gotten SFX Digest experience. Still, it was fun. And there was Gaius glee, which a total bonus.

SFX 2006. Not for the faint of modem. )

Now I want to know who's going to be at SFX 2007!


Aug. 31st, 2006 10:18 pm
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Sunday is SFX day for me. Sadly, there will be no Serenity fantable at this one. :-( However, I'll get to see Jim being a celebrity whore this time around, and that's always a good time. I'm hauling down a knapsack full of stuff for various people to autograph:

Firefly DVDs for Morena Baccarin and (rumour has it) Christina Hendricks to sign.

Serenity promo mini-poster for Morena to sign (that'll make four out of nine BDH's!).

Battlestar Galactica DVDs for James Callis to sign.

Bite Me book for Juliet Landau to sign.

Star Wars DVD for Carrie Fisher to sign.

Er, yeah. I'm one to talk.

We have gold tickets to see William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, too--it's gonna be a busy day. [ profile] sunnyd_lite, [ profile] redeem147, [ profile] styrofoam_guy, [ profile] lionnesss, and [ profile] hazyone101--see you soon!
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I was just on the phone with Jim discussing tickets for William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy's appearance at SFX in September. In an attempt to be all frugal and whatnot, I suggested just getting silver passes. That way, he could get one autograph, I'd get the other, and we'd save a little money. Celebrity whore that he has become, however, that was just not enough--he wants two autographs from each of them (one on his DVD inserts and one on a photograph he bought at TT20). He couldn't quite talk himself into the VIP pass, but was panting after the gold one. So, gold passes it is. And he wants all four autographs that we are now entitled to.

He so owes me now. ::evil laugh::

When looking at the SFX website, I saw that James Callis, who plays Dr. Gaius Baltar on BSG, is going to be there. Yay! I only started watching the series two weeks ago, but he's already my favourite character. He's such a spineless loon--he just cracks me up. I need a Gaius icon.

And, of course, yay for Morena Baccarin and Juliet Landau too. Oh, and Carrie Fisher--I have Star Wars episodes IV-VI on DVD. It's going to be a busy day.

Still haven't posted about WriterCon--will do that tomorrow when I need a break from the cod.
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I'm dogsitting Jilly, my mother's little dog, this weekend. She is quite possibly the daintiest and least aggressive dog ever invented. Jilly used to live with a cat, so I was pretty sure that there wouldn't be any problems on her end of things. On the other hand, I don't know if Lucy's ever seen a dog up close before, so I wasn't sure how she'd react. Hiss, spit, and flee?

The answer turned out to be none of the above. I opened the door, Jilly wagged, and Lucy just stared at her. They stood almost touching noses for a few seconds. Then Lucy just shrugged her shoulders and walked away.

So, that was easy.

In other news, Jim learned yesterday morning that he's flying to France on a business trip tomorrow. Yes, his company is always that considerate about giving him notice (he was supposed to have his kids with him until Monday). Still, free trip to Marseilles--I wish someone would send me there.

Also? Frilly heck, it's hot here! It's going to be, like, 200 degrees tomorrow (Fahrenheit or Celsius--take your pick). The dog days of summer have finally arrived. And me without air conditioning. ::pants::

Canada Day

Jun. 30th, 2006 02:36 pm
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To those on my flist who get CBC or CTV: don't forget to look for me on TV tomorrow morning! The memorial service starts at 8:30 am EDT and will be broadcast nationwide on both channels. Cross your fingers that it's not pouring rain--all the women in the choir will be wearing white blouses and we're not allowed umbrellas. O_O

This weekend is going to be another exciting first for me: Jim is arriving tonight with both sons in tow. Four people in my little apartment. Urk. For some reason, his company chose to give him today as a holiday (as opposed to everyone else in the country, who will get Monday off). At least that'll give me a day to recover (and edit) before coming back to work on Tuesday.

Happy Canada Day and Independence Day! ::waves flags::

Facial Fuzz

Jun. 1st, 2006 01:46 pm
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For those of you who were wondering what Jim looks like with a beard:

Jim with beard. )

This was taken about 18 months ago when we went to see the University of Guelph's football team play against the University of Ottawa. I have two degrees from Guelph and still follow their team - I'm the only person on LJ who has 'Guelph Gryphons' and 'OUA football' listed as interests (go figure). The Gryphons' colours are red and gold (just like Hogwarts!). Jim actually volunteered to wear that get-up. :-)

The front of the t-shirt he's wearing says "What the hell is a Gryphon anyway?" The back says "It's what just kicked your ass!" Heee.

Also: GIP. This one was made for me by a Poshkitten! ::loves::

Cuba Redux

May. 11th, 2006 02:27 pm
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So, it's back to Cuba again. Well, not literally, as I've never been there before, but theoretically after not going to Havana with my father last month.

After checking out hotel prices in New York - recovering from the resulting mutual heart attacks - Jim and I went in search of somewhere less expensive to spend a week together. May isn't exactly high season for the Caribbean, which means rates are lower, so we're off to Paradisus Varadero on May 20. Five stars! Woot! I expect it'll be stinkin' hot, but that's OK - they have a swim-up bar in the pool. :-) Also, I'll consider it training for Atlanta in July.

I've been seeing Jim for nearly two years now, but he lives three hours to the southwest of me - we've never actually spent an entire week together. I hope we still like each other by the time we get back.

I toast you all with fruity rum drinks!

New York

Apr. 30th, 2006 03:24 pm
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Some time ago, I mentioned that I might be going to Cuba with my father. Well, that didn't happen - which was a good thing, as it turned out, because then I would have been away when Linus collapsed and had to 'cross the Rainbow Bridge', as dog people seem to call it. ::is a bit mystified by that terminology:: And as hard as that was, Linus needed me here and I needed to be here for him.

If I squint, I can see a silver lining in there somewhere, I just know it.

Anyway, I'm still trying to come to terms with all of that - Linus, I mean, not Cuba - and sometimes I think it's OK and other times it seems like an unending struggle, and man I feel things way too much and wish to heavens that I could dial it down at least a little because I'm stuck at Spinal Tap's 11 and I'm also starting to talk like Xander.

Anyway #2, Jim and I have decided to take a week's no-kids-allowed holiday near the end of May. My first choice would be to go to Europe, but a week's not really long enough for that. I'd just have gotten over the jet lag by the time we'd have to leave to come home. So I was thinking of a destination along the U.S. eastern seabord and I've never been to New York. (See? The subject line is relevant to this post! Like Xander, I do get to my point eventually.)

I know shockingly little about New York - where to stay, what to do. Can someone give me a few pointers?
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I debated on changing my LJ layout tonight to one that will list tags someplace handy, but wound up scurrying back to my current format out of fear that I'd mess my banner up. I'm such a wimp.

Anyone know offhand which S2 styles include the tag lists? Perhaps I'll try again sometime when I'm feeling a little braver.

Went to Peterborough for a really long weekend over Easter (I took Thursday off too). It was Jim's 46th birthday on Sunday, so there were gifts to buy and restaurants to go out to and those things really should be singular but it's less fun to write them that way. We also had three (definitely plural, this time) Easter egg hunts on Sunday with the boys: first Jim hid eggs for them, then LittlestJim insisted on rehiding them for us to find, and finally, not to be outdone, MiddleJim had to have a go at it too. Some of the eggs were rather melty after all that handling, but the boys didn't seem to mind. Then we all played a game of Monopoly and LittlestJim won. Again. The next Donald Trump - you heard it here first.

But I have the means for revenge now. LittlestJim's birthday was in February and I bought him the board game Careers. I used to play it all the time when I was growing up and figured he'd like it because (a) he likes board games, and (b) it has money in it. What I didn't tell him was that I am the Undisputed Careers Champion of All Time. I haven't lost a game of Careers in decades. LittlestJim is going down. Ha!

In other news, it doesn't look like I'm going to be a university professor anytime soon. I'm pretty sure they're interviewing by now and my phone has been quite silent. ::pouts::

And finally, my apartment is still too quiet. Linus's crate has been temporarily retired to my mother's basement, but his baskets and toys are still here. I restrain myself from playing with his toys, but occasionally lean over the baskets for a whiff of eau de chien. It's just not right that he isn't here.

I miss you, little dog.
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Apparently, I like lots and lots of hugs.

Cut for memeage. )

I'm going to make Jim do this tonight. He has a serious case of engineer brain and I bet his results will be alot different.


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