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Confirmed by Joss, a special two-disc edition of Serenity will be released this July. No details yet on what extras will be included, but Joss had this to say:

Yes, fanlings, there is going to be a 2 disc 'Special Edition' released this summer. You know why? 'Cause the 1 disc 'Normal Edition' has sold so well -- so maybe a little self-back-patting is in order for you guys. Way to keep her in the air.

It's too early to be sure what the Special Edition will contain, but here are some things we're going for:


Cast commentary -- assuming I can get a decent number of them in one room. They're very busy people, I'm happy to say.


The region 4 goodies, obviously.

The Tam Sessions.


New Yub Yub, and Greedo shoots first. So does that kid outside the trading station, the pilot who destroyed Haven, and Kaylee. And Richard Dreyfuss goes INSIDE the mothership.


An alternate ending, if you turn it off early.

Proof of the existence of a benevolent higher power -- uh, I mean, new key art.


And honestly, what more do you want? Don't answer that, I already know and it's unseemly. But I'm pretty excited here. Back to work, -j.

Take my Yub,
Take Yub Yub,
Yub Yub tak the Yub from Meee...dichlorians....
joss | March 02, 01:00 CET
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EW has an interview with Joss about the upcoming Buffy comics. It's planned to be a "25-to-30-issue saga"! Joss is calling it Season 8 and is writing the first four installments himself. It sounds like Angel and Spike may be mentioned in flashbacky context or something--they're in it somehow, but not as major roles as AtS characters are owned by a different comic book company. Which, for Spike, is a little odd as he was on AtS for one season and BtVS for five. Whatever.

Also, [ profile] drusplace found another cartoon strip that mentions Joss and the Buffyverse.

Finally, happy birthday to [ profile] mangosorbet007! I hope your day was a good one.
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Joss posted to Whedonesque last Friday:

Just wanted to drop in and say "Thank God we got rid of Marts." An evil, petty man with an enormous hookah and a smelly, writhing bag of toads. He's the worst thing to happen to the X-men since, well, me.

Truth be typed, Mike has been a great editor and a sweetheart of a guy. Marvel's loss is D.C.'s gain, and affects Oni press in no way. Mike helped me do a hell of a lot of catching up on the X-verse, was always patient with a)my confusion and b)me. A gent. Now I read some folk bashin' 'cause of X-continuity issues but that is not Mike's fault. It's not even mine. X-continuity is a statistical impossibility. Too many books, too many schedules, too many cross-overs -- that's why my stuff tends to take place all in one day or way out of town. Mike couldn't tell you if my stories come exactly before or after certain things and neither could I. So let that lie. I'm just gonna miss a cool colleague.

(Bag of toads? Hell was that about?)

And since I haven't posted (anything real) in some time let me bring y'all up to speed. The Brothers Warner HAVE read Wondy Gal, and are arranging a meeting to tell me that it is a perfect crystalline gem and I must not change a word, nay, not a syllable. I'm certain that's how it will go. I'm pounding away on X-men #18 and Buffy #2 and having a blast. Like a "close the blast doors" sized blast, especialy after I saw my first page of Georges Jeanty's Buffy art. That cute little sketch on his website? No, no, silly british man. The real thing is SO deeply cherry. It makes the fun I'm having revisiting these characters increase tenfold. For you Goners folk out there, just know I'm fine-tuning the script, feeling increasingly passionate about it, and I'm anxious to start dribbling out cryptic, frustrating hints. Soon.

Some other little irons in the fire, when they're hot I'll pull 'em out and brand you. Keep the faith, spread the love, take the red pill, smell the coffee, fight the power, do the hustle, mow the lawn, eat the rich, Mott the Hoople, kick the can, bag the toads and If They Move, Kill 'Em. xoxo -j.
joss | August 25, 02:06 CET

I'm quite curious to know what Goners is going to be about.
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I called the collision repair shop today to see what progress there was to report on my battered car. They have the parts, but don't expect the repairs to be finished until late next week. They haven't even looked at Jim's car yet. Peterborough really is a small town. (Remind me again why I'm making vague attempts to find a job and move there?)

I'm heading down thataways this weekend for Jim's annual extended-family BBQ on Saturday and thence to SFX to see Morena Baccarin, Juliet Landau, and James Callis at SFX on Sunday. I was rather hoping that the repairs would be done in time for me to drive home in my own car, not the rental. Two weekends from now, I'm going to Toronto with Jim for a wedding. If I have to go down in between those times to pick my car up, that'll make four six-to-eight-hour round trips from Ottawa to Bancroft/Peterborough/Toronto in four consecutive weekends. ::cries::

On the up side, I figured out last night how to bit torrent! Go me. I must now make a serious effort to finish BSG S2 before seeing Gaius at SFX. A fan's work is never done, I tell ya. Figures I'd work it out just as I was getting into Veronica Mars S2.

Anyone got a good Gaius icon? I need a Gaius icon.

In other good news, as [ profile] redeem147 reported the other day, Serenity won a Hugo award for Best Long Form. Morena Baccarin accepted on behalf of Joss. You can see and hear her reading Joss's acceptance speech here.

Wow, five tags for one post. That's gotta be a personal best.
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Allie announced that Joss Whedon has signed on for a new "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" comic and has "an outline for about 20 issues." The book is "season 8 of the [TV] series," Allie said, and picks up a few months after the end of the series. The book will feature art by Georges Jeanty and covers by Jo Chen.

Twenty issues!
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Having finished weeping copiously while watching my S2 Party of Five DVDs (gorram, that show always makes me cry), I decided that I needed something to augment my weekend of editing cod. I headed out to Future Shop only to discover that they had neither House nor Veronica Mars in stock. Phooey on them. They did have a lot of copies of Battlestar Galactica, however. I remembered Joss posting the following to Whedonesque (scroll way down) last month:

I'm just sneaking in to say I've been continuing to watch BSG, the wife and I are about halfway through season one and gushing isn't gonna cover this one. You guys have heard me gush, so it won't have any real meaning. You have to imagine Pauline Kael bursting into song, Lionel Barrymore In "Wonderful Life" jumping up and jitterbugging with George Bailey, the Grinch's heart growing three sizes... you gotta start down there to explain what it feels like up here. I'll put it simply. The show is humbling. Not since the Matrix (the first one) have I had such a strong desire to go to writing school. I think it's so passionate, textured, complex, subversive and challenging that it dwarfs everything on TV. Or in theaters. Or boho perfomances spaces. Stuff hanging in the Tate? Not as cool. I'm not gonna go on, because I have to get back to work and because if I really start, this post will crash the internet from sheer length. Only downsides are a) I was already having a crisis of confidence, thank you very much and b) I can't go near any Sci-Fi mags for fear of spoilers. Apart from that, life is to be loved. The Gods are to be praised. Back to the job. -j.

joss | June 12, 21:18 CET

So I figured I'd see what it was like, because the man just doesn't have enough influence over my life already. So far, I've watched the miniseries and it's kinda not bad. Even if it doesn't have Hugh Laurie in it.
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Joss posted yesterday on Whedonesque:

The Claw of Doom. It's coming. And it can't be stopped. But anyway...

Sorry I don't have a link, and about that whole claw mislead -- the claw isn't actually coming, it's resting peacefully. (The Beak of Waking Up Really Cranky is, however, on the move.)

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say, yes I AM interested in meeting, your web-photos are pretty intoxicating, so E-mail me at and please make sure absolutely no one finds out about... ah, which site is this? Hmmm. 'Kay. Uh, that was a joke, like the claw thing. This is the "Thank you" message. I got it now.

Thank you. All. First, for all your birthday wishes, which meant a lot to my spectacularly old self. (Special kudos to the person who pointed out that I am now old enough to order a drink twice over, as I have quoted that extensively, and also had more drinks.) I had a very nice birthday and feel terribly well-preserved, 'cept for that damn knee. I saw my friends and destroyed my enemies, so it was a mellow day. And all your wishes were read and appreciated.

But the second "Thank You" is obviously for the screenings, and everyone's involvement. Apparantly there is only One True B!x and we should stop worshipping false B!x's (I had a golden B!x calf that was SO cute, but it's e-bay bound). What an achievement. I wish I could have been at one, but destroying my enemies is time-consuming (and where the @#$% do I hide Goddard's body? He's ENORMOUS!). I got an E-mail from Jessica Neuwirth, who was of course thrilled and grateful for the whole thing. It's by your efforts that my movie has become inexorably linked to such a vital, under-recognized cause, and so y'all should be frantically patting yourselves on the backs. Thank you. It matters. Plus, fun!

I have lurked, but I've restrained myself from yakkin' 'cause I didn't feel right about it while the official, no-really-I-mean-it-this-time first draft of Wonder Woman was unfinished. But I'm posting now. Hmmm, what could that mean?

Well, I gotta go. Or, sit right here but type other stuff. Many many thanks, or as Morena Baccarin would say, "Huh?"

Yours Gratefully, VikingPrincess3.
joss | General | 18:54 CET | 95 comments total | tags: joss post, claw, doom

As someone else commented, here's hoping that Morena's "Huh?" was in response to being cast as Wonder Woman. Check out the VikingPrincess3 link--Gossi made Joss a website. :-)
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There's a discussion today on Whedonesque about Buffy novels. A member named Dalton has opinions on the quality of said books in general and the author Nancy Holder in particular. Joss responded to his post thusly:

I love that the guy who so eloquently argues for the quality of the Buffy Books has the handle "Dalton". That is not, I'm assuming, coincidence? Dalton was a subtlely key figure in Buffy history. His love of books was the first truly human trait we permitted in our mythos, and it shifted everything. Yes, we already had Spike's love for Dru but vampire passion is an acceptable trope. A passion for reading was nerdy, mundane and a new avenue for us. So he matters.

Never forget: if you think you're the biggest Buffy nerd alive, you're miscounting.

As for the books, I wish I'd had time to be involved. But I had to make a clean break or the show would have spiralled, so I've never read them. I've had fun with Nancy during our interviews, but I don't know the prose. I just wanted to mention Dalton.

And also Timothy Dalton. Dammit, if he hadn't been stuck on the end of the John Glenn (sp?) run he really could've done something with Bond. Peace out.

joss | April 21, 06:31 CET
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Serenity was nominated for Best Film and Summer Glau for Best Supporting Actress in this year's Saturn awards. (As someone else commented, how did she get nominated for Best Supporting Actress when she was the lead??) This was Joss's comment on that:

Okay. I'm gonna say it. I'm gonna skip a hundred catty comments and say I've enjoyed the Saturns because, well, mostly because I won one, but also because they celebrate the genre, and where else are you gonna hang out with Jim Cameron AND Stan Lee? And now I'm gonna tell you I'm disappointed.

Say it with me now: Nathan Fillion.

Not even a nod? A nom? I'm pleased as anything for Summer, and glad the movie made a showing at all, but for Nathan to be overlooked shakes my faith in this awards program, which is truly terrifying because it means I had faith in an awards program. I'm such a yob.

Nathan owned that screen. You went to see the movie, there was a little print on the screen that said "On Loan from Nathan Fillion." Textured, rich, funny, real, heroic... I don't know who else was nominated (and for the record, I think Tom Cruise was great in WotW), and I don't even think the movie is all that -- oh, I'm into it, but the more I look at it the more I go "They couldn't have got a director?" -- but Nathan is the man. He's all man. A man's man. Two men. He's like if James Gumb had been sewing a MAN suit. This has taken an unsightly turn, but you get where I'm going.

Well, I don't usually do this, but I'll tell you a secret. I'm dropping the BOMB on the Saturn awards and you got this straight from the horse's mouth. The truth about the Saturns? A few weeks after you get them home, the glue on your name-plate dries up and it pops right off. You heard me. Award over HERE, nameplate sitting over THERE. That's how THEY roll, dog.

Wow. I went a little far there. Things were typed... But I'm truly bummed.

Go Summer!


joss | February 15, 19:04 CET

From methane eructations to Joss in less than 10 minutes. That's multi-tasking. :-)


Apr. 4th, 2006 08:02 pm
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This is neat - this link will pull up all threads containing posts by Joss at Whedonesque:

Saw Slither on Saturday with several Ottawa Browncoats. It was, er, kinda slimy. Not all that scary, which was good news for those of us who are cowards (like me!), but a little on the gory side. If you don't like that sort of stuff, you'd perhaps be better off seeing something else.

Anyway, it's not the kind of movie I'd normally see, but it was fun seeing Nathan in another role. It'll probably develop its own cult following like Night of the Comet. I hope Nathan gets something a little more meaty in the future - I'd like to see what else he can do.

As requested, I'm reporting back on It seems to have low but reasonably steady traffic - the number of hits on my fics is creeping slowly upwards. I still haven't gotten any actual reviews (I rarely get them on either), but a few stories have been rated once or twice. It's kind of fun watching the hits and seeing which fic is in the lead on any given day. All Set Down is winning at the moment, with Wolf's Bane and The First Light of Day in hot pursuit. I'm rather astonished by the latter - I can only assume that it's been read so many times because it's the shortest.
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Apropos of nothing at all, Joss commented on one of his own posts over at Whedonesque:

Thanks for the update! You certainly have a way with words, whoever you are. And may I just add that no one should ever learn to write by writing fanfic. Neither should there be spec scripts for aspiring televsion writers or -- and I can't stress this enough -- the drawing of existing characters by comic book artists. Can you imagine how the guy who draws Spider Man would feel if someone ELSE drew him too?

Uh, I'm in the wrong thread, aren't I?
joss | March 19, 01:34 CET

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Joss pipes up again. Over at Whedonesque, there's a link to an interview with Nathan Fillion where he describes Serenity as being 'revenge'. Someone commented that Adam Baldwin refers to it as 'redemption' and wondered what terms the other cast members use. This was Joss's response:

Revenge for Nathan and redemption for Adam. That's them in a nutshell. I remember talking to everyone about it...

For me, it was recrudescence.

For Summer, a kind of rebirth.

Morena said it was a rebellion.

Sean thought it was pretty much a rehash.

Alan said it was almost like a rebar through the chest.

Ron: just a rerun.

Jewel thought it was a rehearsal, which explains all those retakes.

Gina really enjoyed "Reanimator".

joss | March 16, 17:21 CET

Rebar. Hee.


Mar. 13th, 2006 12:10 pm
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There was an exhibition of props used in the making of Firefly recently. Check out the name Jayne used on his fake medical ID in the episode Ariel. Hee!

ETA: The link to the photos needs a password now, I don't know why. It didn't this morning. Anyway, the name on Jayne's badge was 'Kiki Larue', heh.

Also, word is that Joss is almost finished writing the Wonder Woman script. I wonder which will be filmed first - that or Goners?
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But he sayeth not what we would like to hear:

This explains Joss perfectly. Finally, a site that SAYS something.

Abusing links is the only way I know how to live. But I am here with a purpose, my friends. Call me joss Whedon: Rumor Crusher! (Or "Mister Fendendo", if we're being intimate.)

Since everyone's all abuzz with the CW rumor, I have to get all official and say: WE'VE STARTED FILMING NEW EPISODES! Of Dateline. I'm such a troll.

No, there haven't been any overtures from the CW as regards a SereniFly spin-off. I haven't even heard the orchestra tuning up. But if they happen to come calling, I do know what I would do:

1) In order to keep the show cost efficient, we would get rid of a few things we don't need, like spaceships, floors, and Jewel. (You thought I was gonna say 'costumes', didn't you? Porn guy.)

2) Nathan is busy making movies, but since I don't want new cast members, everybody in the cast would just move over one. Jewel (she's back!) would play Mal, Ron would play Kaylee, Morena would play Book, and so on.

3) People love a happy ending. So every episode, I will explain once again that I don't like people. And then Mal will shoot someone. Someone we like. And their puppy.

4) The actors can make up their dialogue. I'm bushed, and they're all funny, and the hell with it. Maybe I'll give them a premise to work off of, like "You're all in trouble" or "Wash has a thing". They could maybe light it too.

5) Klingons, but not alien Klingons. But still Klingons.

So already the show is running like a well oiled companion. I'm just proud to be a part of the Country Western network, and I know this will be their biggest hit since "Have Space-Gun, Will Travel."

I hope, as always, this clears things up. And I hope the executives at the Carnie Wilson network DO give me a call. I've got a million ideas for redoing their offices.

Power to the people who are powerful enough to crush the other people! -jossy.
joss | tags: meet at the stick, cow-lamp, lappy, robot boots, joss post

Still entertaining to read, though, and I do love his tags.
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Joss's latest post on Whedonesque:

(SPOILER) This place can look up stuff! It's crazy! I totally know about John sweden from this website!

Seriously, what up? I'm pounding the keys (as opposed to staring at them, thank God) on my Amazon movie (which is totally my own idea and not somebody else's from a comic) called Wondrous Lady. Problem: third act. Solution: Cooking class! Yep, I've still got it.

Roll call:

Spike movie! Still trying.
Buffy comics! Wrote ish one, fun fun fun. Looking for a penciller.
Serenity comics: Brett and I have been very very busy and it's rude of you to bring it up. But it's gonna be tight!
Serenity sequel! My phone is silent and withdrawn.
Wondy Gal! It's all about momentum, baby. And cooking class.
Goners! Ready to polish after WW is complete. LOVED the speculation on the character Mia's name. Can't wait to hear what you all say about Violet. (Besides the fact that she is not in any way ultra.)
How I Met Your Mother! I'm truly addicted. "Don't be a hero, Sherbotsky!" Come ON, people!
Jack Green! He shot my two favorite movies last year. Crazy props!
Cheese! Why won't it stop flirting with me?

Okay, bastard people, I'm gone like a thing that's not so much here as elsewhere. Remember me.

joss | 06:45 CET | tags: ferns, the love of a good woman, water sports, dodecahedrons, joss post

Hee. Apparently, Joss is a big fan of Google and ferns.


Feb. 3rd, 2006 05:07 pm
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I got my copy of Joss Whedon: The Master At Play in the mail yesterday and watched it last night. Or tried to, anyway. It has two parts: the interview and the Q&A. The second half of the interview on my DVD appears to be corrupted - the picture kept dissolving into weird squares and the dialogue was unintelligible. I'll have to email the producers and hope they send me another copy.

What I was able to watch was good, although I found the interviewer a bit annoying. No matter what Joss was talking about, the reviewer's response was "Excellent!" Of course, if I had been the one sitting on stage with him, I doubt if I would have had the presence of mind to say anything more intelligent than that.

The introduction by Nathan Fillion is, however, hilarious, and nearly worth the price alone.
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There's quite a discussion going on at Whedonesque on slash in the Buffyverse - most of it having to do with whether or not the "There was that one time..." comment by Spike in AtS S5 constitutes canon Spangel. A surprising number of people are weighing in on the 'no' side. Well, surprising to me - it seems to be more or less accepted on LJ that Spangel happened at one point or another. (Does this mean there's a world outside LJ?!?)

Anyway, Joss himself contributed the following comment:

Honestly, what's most fascinating is that every post here tells me more about the poster than about the subject matter. That's what makes fiction grand. I will say a few things:

1) When I called James "the best ingenue Angel ever had" I merely meant that there was enormous acting chemistry between them. After throwing different actresses up against David (sometimes literally) it was gratifying to find someone who brought out passion in David's performance that I'd never seen. I mean, look at Caveman vs Astronauts, for god's sake! David is off the charts hilarious. I learned early on to film those two in one-ers instead of regular coverage because their energy just kept increasing. Others have misinterpreted that quote before.

2) What may or may not have happened is entirely up to the viewer, that's what makes it art. Having said that, I know EXACTLY what happened and it's funny that I'm never going to tell anyone. But did no one see the obvious smoldering passion between the Blue Hand guys? MAN, did you guys miss the boat.

3) In my world, heroes bugger each other senseless. Not all of them, but more than you'd think, and probably not who you're thinking. But seriously, Anybody here care to tell Apollo and the Midnighter how a hero should behave? To their faces?
joss | January 20, 19:00 CET

Heee. I heart Joss.

::goes to look for Blue Hand slash::
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Joss's post on the closing down of the Browncoats site:

Posted: 30 Dec 2005 11:32 am
Post subject: Good Night and Good GOD there's something on my leg!

Ahh! Spider! Spider!

No wait. Lint.

Ahh! Lint! Malevolent lint!

Oookay, where was I? Um, time of sadness... transition... live forever in our hearts....

Sorry, I want this post to be really special, I'm just going through my notes. Be with you guys in a sec.

Ahhh... done the improbable... joke about dolphins... majestic DVD art... OH! Hey! Here we go:

Thanks a bunch.

Cool. I thought that went well. Some sentiment, but not maudlin... quality post. The one to go out on, if nobody notices my irrational fear of lint. I think the Browncoats will gain strength from my timely message, or from working out regularly. Anyway, my heart will go on. My liver's a house of cards, though, I kid you not.

Callous? Who said that? Maybe you're callous, mister TROLL! I'm not callous. I got the same feeling when I heard the board was closing down as every one else. But I'm old. Really, really old. Like, Keanu Reeves Old. (God, he's well preserved.) So I've seen this before. The Bronze. The Angelix. The Portly Norwegian Bondage House. All come and gone. What remains? Only two things. The first is Homestar Runner. Go Homestar! Teen Girl Squad! Let's get ready to look SOO GOOD!

The second, guess what, is love.

No flying lessons, don't worry, but what we get from the shows, the films, and the time on these boards -- from each other -- just can't get shut down. You guys gave me so much hope and support... and I gave you a movie so, you know, advantage me. But still. What this place was is sweet, what it will always be is treasured.

I got props for the Uni's for putting this up -- oh, and for making my damn (excuse me, BIG damn) movie. All things must pass. We'll find each other again, especially if any of you are portly, Norwegian and 'open-minded'.

I'll do my best to tell stories that cause as much trouble as this one did. And if I ever get the chance to return to this one... in case it was ever unclear due to shoddy journalism, sign me right the hell up.

You guys are the best crew flying.

Thanks a bunch.

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Joss posted to the Browncoats board yesterday on the occasion of Serenity's release to DVD.

Joss speaks #1. )

And he also posted to Whedonesque to debunk rumours that he's given up on the 'Verse.

Joss speaks #2. )


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