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When Daughter o' Jim moved back into the house two months ago, she brought her cat, Fred, with her. Fred doesn't like other cats, and Lucy doesn't particularly like Fred. Fred was the dominant cat for the first while last year after we bought the house, but he's more bravado than brave, and after a few weeks he and Lucy more or less called a truce and just ignored each other.

Now that Fred's back, though, Lucy seems to have decided that she's going to be boss cat and that's that. Fred spends most of his time in Daughter o' Jim's room, but when he's wandering around the rest of the house, there's a fair amount of hissing and spitting.

Worse, Lucy has started peeing in places other than her litterbox. She's never done this before, but we know it's her because some of the puddles have been created when Fred and Bella were behind closed doors. The latest puddle appeared right outside Daughter o' Jim's door last night after a standoff between the Lucy and Fred.

Do female cats mark territory? I thought that was more of a male thing. And does anyone have any suggestions for how to stop this?
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When I decided that I was going to get a Toller, I joined the Raw-Toller Yahoo Group. A lot of Toller owners feed raw food to their dogs and request that their puppy buyers do too. I did some reading, thought "Why not?", and now trot down to a nearby pet store every other week to buy frozen, nutrionally balanced patties of raw food for both Bella and Lucy.

I occasionally give Bella raw chicken necks and other bits, too. (Chicken bones don't splinter until they're cooked, so raw chicken bones are safe for dogs.) They're slightly ickier than the anonymous meat patties, but I've been well trained by my father, the ultimate carnivore. He loves chicken and turkey necks, as well as all those other organ-y bits that are wrapped in paper inside whole chickens and turkeys. He boils them up and then takes great delight in grossing me and my sister out by sucking the spinal cord out of the vertebrae. If I can watch him eat a turkey neck--well, watching Bella eat one scarcely even registers on my radar screen.

However, there's a discussion going on at the group now about where to locate whole heads to feed their dogs. Yes, heads: chicken heads, lamb heads, and cow heads. Which they casually toss into the backyard and watch their dogs excavate and devour.

I like the raw diet. It's a little less convenient and a little more expensive than feeding tinned food and kibble, but I know that Bella's getting quality meat, not just processed bits that humans don't want. I've started feeding Lucy raw food, too--and her persistent case of dandruff has cleared up and her coat is much shinier. She's also not as neurotic as she was last winter. Raw food advocates say that dogs and cats weren't designed to eat large quantities of grains (i.e., carbohydrates), and eating processed carbs leads to higher and more variable blood sugar levels. So, who knows? Maybe the raw diet is responsible for the improvement in Lucy's behaviour, too.

But entire cow heads? In my backyard? ::shudders:: No, I'm just not going there. Sorry, Bella, that's just one "treat" you're going to have to do without.


Jul. 18th, 2006 09:19 pm
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Lucy is in an extremely spazzy mood tonight and just ran headfirst into a door frame. ::snickers::

Sheesh, I couldn't post this without first looking 'headfirst' up in the dictionary to see if it should be hypenated or not. This editing stuff is eating my brain.

Also--GIP. So very pretty! It's by [ profile] eyesthatslay.
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I'm dogsitting Jilly, my mother's little dog, this weekend. She is quite possibly the daintiest and least aggressive dog ever invented. Jilly used to live with a cat, so I was pretty sure that there wouldn't be any problems on her end of things. On the other hand, I don't know if Lucy's ever seen a dog up close before, so I wasn't sure how she'd react. Hiss, spit, and flee?

The answer turned out to be none of the above. I opened the door, Jilly wagged, and Lucy just stared at her. They stood almost touching noses for a few seconds. Then Lucy just shrugged her shoulders and walked away.

So, that was easy.

In other news, Jim learned yesterday morning that he's flying to France on a business trip tomorrow. Yes, his company is always that considerate about giving him notice (he was supposed to have his kids with him until Monday). Still, free trip to Marseilles--I wish someone would send me there.

Also? Frilly heck, it's hot here! It's going to be, like, 200 degrees tomorrow (Fahrenheit or Celsius--take your pick). The dog days of summer have finally arrived. And me without air conditioning. ::pants::
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Lucy had a check-up at the vet's this evening and has been given a clean bill of health. She was a very good girl and only struggled a bit when she had her temperature taken. (I'd be struggling too if a complete stranger came up and poked me there with a thermometer. :-) Most of the time, she just sat patiently on the examining table and even purred a bit. The vet commented several times on what a nice personality she has.

We discovered that she has a microchip, which is standard Humane Society practice around here--you'd think they'd have told me that when I got her. I'll have to call tomorrow and get them to update their records with my information.

She's now sitting on the windowsill, digesting dinner, and getting over that little projectile fur affliction that all pets get when they go to the vet.
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Lucy discovered the joys of her Blitz Turbo Cat Scratcher Toy yesterday. She had mostly ignored it up until then, but was playing with it on and off all yesterday evening. Thanks to [ profile] petzipellipingo and [ profile] fenchurche for suggesting it. My furniture thanks you too.

Thank You

Jun. 24th, 2006 07:53 pm
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Thank you to the anonymous person who gave me a four-leaf clover! ::smooches you::

Lucy is currently recovering from her first trip outdoors with the harness. She didn't go very far--she mostly stood there and looked vaguely alarmed. I guess the world is a big place after two months in a humane society cage. She was not so alarmed, however, that she couldn't chow down on dinner afterwards and now she's falling asleep on the rug.
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She used her litterbox! Twice! ::is pleased::

I feel like a new parent always talking about what's in the diaper. :-)

The harness is on, but she's fussing with it a little so I'll take it off in a minute. I need to figure out the adjustment on it.

She ate a bit of wet food last night and some more today. She doesn't seem too keen on the dry stuff. Can't say that I blame her--it looks pretty unappetizing to me too.

She's a bit antsy, but I've heard her purring a few times. She also got up on the bed with me this morning. Can't say that she's acheived "cuddly" yet, but we'll get there.


Jun. 23rd, 2006 10:56 am
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Y'all are a bunch of cat enablers. :-)

I met my sister at PetSmart last night and "Shadow", as the store was calling her, was still there. After much filling out of forms and shopping for cat-related items, we brought her home. I think she's a little bewildered--she was a stray brought into the West Quebec shelter on or before April 24, so it's been life in a cage for a long time--but she seems to have a laid-back personality and I think she'll settle in soon.

I liked the name Mabel, but in the end decided to go for Lucy. 'Cause she's Linus's sister, of course. Heee. I slay myself.

I forgot to get a scratching post while at the store yesterday, so I'll have to pick one up on the way home. Any recommendations for what cats like? I figure I'll put it near the living room window--I have a little stick-to-the-glass birdfeeder I've been meaning to hang up for a while. Cat TV.

Next task, after she gets used to me, is teaching her to wear a harness. I live next to a very busy road, so the indoor/outdoor life is not an option unless she's on a lead.

Pics of Lucy under the cut. )
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I'm a dog person. I don't have anything against cats, but usually I like dogs better. Which isn't to say that I haven't met some cats of which I've been very fond--I used to work at a vet's and at a kennel, and I got to know some of the regulars and I can still remember their faces and personalities some twenty years later.

Possibly my view of cats has been coloured by the memories of my mother's last cat, who bit and scratched and considered the dining room her litter box. She was a cute little thing, but, man, she was a bitca.

So imagine my surprise at finding myself in a PetSmart at lunch today looking at their cats from the Ottawa Humane Society. There was a mostly black (because all my pets--even my horse in high school--have been black) two-year-old female there who was very playful. She couldn't get enough of my keychain or my glasses or my finger (but she didn't scratch!) and she even licked me.

I am this -> <- close to calling the store and asking them to put her on hold for me.


I think her name should be Mabel.


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