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I'm repeating my polls from last week to see if anyone else wants a holiday card--autographed by me!. :-) I've widened the text field this time so that addresses will actually fit properly. I have a box of cards and a pen at the ready, so come one, come all! ::throws snowballs at flist::

[Poll #882012]
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This would be easier if polls could be edited. Those of you who filled out my previous poll for holiday cards, please also tell me what your favourite food (e.g., chocolate) or cuisine (e.g., Thai food) is below. (No, I'm not sending you food through the mail. :-)

[Poll #872158]
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It's that time of year again. If you'd like a holiday card from me, let me know in the poll below (answers are screened):

[Poll #872145]

ETA: Shoulda widened the entry field. I've screened the comments in case your address doesn't fit in the poll.
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The chest hair poll has caused me no end of amusement today. For those interested in the final results, the "OMG, yes!" and "OMG, no!" results came out even with seven votes each, while the "A Little Is OK" group won the day with 15 votes. So, chest hair aficionados and semi-aficionados are perhaps not quite as rare as I thought.

While we're on the topic of body hair, here's something that [ profile] liz_marcs posted a while back:


Click on the kiwis and discover the cheesiest ad ever. It's for the Philips Bodygroomer--you too can learn how to find that extra 'optical inch'. ::snerk:: Make sure you turn on the sound for full effect. This guy redefines 'smarmy'.
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I've done an informal poll of my female friends and acquaintances over the years regarding the important matter of chest hair on their men. Unlike me, most of them have come down on the 'nay' side. However, two (American) people on my flist have revealed today that they, too, like chest hair. Is the anti-chest hair movement a Canadian thing? Inquiring minds want to know.

Therefore, poll:

[Poll #864325]
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It's that time of year. I know I have addresses (somewhere) for some of my flist, but I'm not very organised and not sure I'll be able to find them. Also, I'm moving on Dec. 3 which means more apartment chaos than usual (sigh). Please tell me where to send cheerful holiday goodness?

[Poll #613914]


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