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There was an uncredited character in the first episode of House S8 that SO WAS SUCRE FROM PRISON BREAK. It's right near the end, in the brawl in what looked like the cafeteria. The bald, tanned guy wearing the undershirt. SUCRE. I'm telling you.

Don't know if it was the same actor (see the uncredited reference), but it sure looked like him.

The parallel may have been accidental, but who knows? Stranger things have happened on TV.

Or maybe it's just me. ::shrugs::
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Who the heck starts the second season of a series on August 21?!? Also, the nifty streaming thing that Fox has going only works if you live in the U.S. ::huffs:: I forgot to watch or set my VCR for the premiere last week and had to find, er, a creative way of obtaining it.

Also, if Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows are brothers, why don't they have the same last name?

I watched S4 of Nikita this month and was amused to see the actor who plays Teabag on Prison Break in a suitably psycho role in one episode. He's really, really good at being creepy.
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Still lots of reruns on the air these days. *sigh* Tonight's Prison Break was new, at least - it's one of the few shows of the new season that I seem to be sticking with. I was sad when they cancelled Joan of Arcadia last spring because (i) I liked it and (ii) it was amusing seeing BtVS's Gage Petronzi as 'the devil' (apparently he got over that little gill problem). Too bad we didn't get to find out where that storyline was leading. Anyway, Gage is in jail now, and although I missed the pilot episode, I'm more or less caught up on what's going on and it's pretty good. One of its themes is what happens when you realise that the people you're manipulating for your own ends aren't just faceless beings but actual people and, what's more, you've started liking them. Has alot of potential.

One of the Secret Service guys in Prison Break is an actor named Paul Adelstein. He looks familiar to me, but I haven't seen him in anything that's listed on IMDb. Well, I probably saw the two ER episodes he was on back in the day, but I doubt I'm remembering him from those. It's a puzzle.

The previews of next month's House look entertaining - "Meet the one woman House can't get over - his mother!" Hee! I cannot WAIT to see her! Anyone know which actress will be playing her?


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