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I only had one day--Sunday--at SFX this year. I missed both the Canadian Browncoat lunch and dinner/Shindig on Saturday. :-( As I was there for 2.5 days last year, with the Serenity fantable occupying much of my time, this year's quick Sunday breeze-through left me feeling a little as if I'd only gotten SFX Digest experience. Still, it was fun. And there was Gaius glee, which a total bonus.

SFX 2006. Not for the faint of modem. )

Now I want to know who's going to be at SFX 2007!


Aug. 31st, 2006 10:18 pm
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Sunday is SFX day for me. Sadly, there will be no Serenity fantable at this one. :-( However, I'll get to see Jim being a celebrity whore this time around, and that's always a good time. I'm hauling down a knapsack full of stuff for various people to autograph:

Firefly DVDs for Morena Baccarin and (rumour has it) Christina Hendricks to sign.

Serenity promo mini-poster for Morena to sign (that'll make four out of nine BDH's!).

Battlestar Galactica DVDs for James Callis to sign.

Bite Me book for Juliet Landau to sign.

Star Wars DVD for Carrie Fisher to sign.

Er, yeah. I'm one to talk.

We have gold tickets to see William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, too--it's gonna be a busy day. [ profile] sunnyd_lite, [ profile] redeem147, [ profile] styrofoam_guy, [ profile] lionnesss, and [ profile] hazyone101--see you soon!
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I called the collision repair shop today to see what progress there was to report on my battered car. They have the parts, but don't expect the repairs to be finished until late next week. They haven't even looked at Jim's car yet. Peterborough really is a small town. (Remind me again why I'm making vague attempts to find a job and move there?)

I'm heading down thataways this weekend for Jim's annual extended-family BBQ on Saturday and thence to SFX to see Morena Baccarin, Juliet Landau, and James Callis at SFX on Sunday. I was rather hoping that the repairs would be done in time for me to drive home in my own car, not the rental. Two weekends from now, I'm going to Toronto with Jim for a wedding. If I have to go down in between those times to pick my car up, that'll make four six-to-eight-hour round trips from Ottawa to Bancroft/Peterborough/Toronto in four consecutive weekends. ::cries::

On the up side, I figured out last night how to bit torrent! Go me. I must now make a serious effort to finish BSG S2 before seeing Gaius at SFX. A fan's work is never done, I tell ya. Figures I'd work it out just as I was getting into Veronica Mars S2.

Anyone got a good Gaius icon? I need a Gaius icon.

In other good news, as [ profile] redeem147 reported the other day, Serenity won a Hugo award for Best Long Form. Morena Baccarin accepted on behalf of Joss. You can see and hear her reading Joss's acceptance speech here.

Wow, five tags for one post. That's gotta be a personal best.
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I was just on the phone with Jim discussing tickets for William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy's appearance at SFX in September. In an attempt to be all frugal and whatnot, I suggested just getting silver passes. That way, he could get one autograph, I'd get the other, and we'd save a little money. Celebrity whore that he has become, however, that was just not enough--he wants two autographs from each of them (one on his DVD inserts and one on a photograph he bought at TT20). He couldn't quite talk himself into the VIP pass, but was panting after the gold one. So, gold passes it is. And he wants all four autographs that we are now entitled to.

He so owes me now. ::evil laugh::

When looking at the SFX website, I saw that James Callis, who plays Dr. Gaius Baltar on BSG, is going to be there. Yay! I only started watching the series two weeks ago, but he's already my favourite character. He's such a spineless loon--he just cracks me up. I need a Gaius icon.

And, of course, yay for Morena Baccarin and Juliet Landau too. Oh, and Carrie Fisher--I have Star Wars episodes IV-VI on DVD. It's going to be a busy day.

Still haven't posted about WriterCon--will do that tomorrow when I need a break from the cod.
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I picked up a few extra Serenity buttons and key chains from the swag boxes at the Fantable at SFX (we had, literally, thousands of each - thanks Universal!) - if you'd like one or the other or both, comment!

I also have an extra promo card with Sean Maher's signature (Jim has decided to donate his to the worthy cause of my flist). First come, first to score.

ETA: The promo card is spoken for.


Aug. 30th, 2005 07:03 pm
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So, yes, I'm alive and made it to and back from SFX in one piece and had a great time! Also a very tiring time - I was pretty much a zombie at work yesterday, so threw in the towel altogether and stayed home today. Which at least gave me the chance to download pictures from my camera and get them into posting shape. Priorities!

SFX report under the cut. Not for the faint of modem. )


Aug. 25th, 2005 01:52 pm
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Rumours of a Spike movie continue to swirl.

SFX tomorrow - whee! I'm taking the day off work to get to Toronto early as Adam Baldwin's Q&A is at 5 pm. Saturday is my big James day (I got the Gold pass). I hope I don't turn into a blithering idiot when I actually speak to him, but I probably will. Is there anything sadder than a fan-middle-aged-woman? :-)

Looking forward to seeing various people from my flist who are attending. If we don't run into one another in line, you'll be able to find me at the Serenity fan table. See you soon!

What A Guy

May. 25th, 2005 06:21 pm
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I emailed Jim and told him of my SFX ticket purchase. This was his response:


You LUCKY girl!!!

I suggest that the autograph be something that you will not wash (i.e. not a body part) unless Spike will actually tattoo the area of choice (in which case I'd definitely recommend the boob - because you know you want him there).

How did you hold back from those VIP tickets??? Such self control you have!!!


Heh. How cool is he?
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Yeah, so I did it - bought the Gold package this morning. This is why I have a job, right? So I can do weird, obsessive things. I don't have to hide it, though - my family and friends already think I'm strange. They're not wrong.

So the Gold package includes one autograph on an item of my choice. What should my item be? Arm, leg, forehead? Suggestions?

ETA: Also made a reservation at the Strathcona on York Street. I said it was for two adults just in case, you know, James wants to follow me home. :-)


May. 24th, 2005 02:25 pm
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Ticket info is out - they go on sale tonight at midnight through Ticketmaster. Pricey! Myself, I can't imagine going to a private cocktail party with him. What in the name of heaven would we talk about? I'd probably wind up in a corner avoiding eye contact and trying not to blush.

So, anyone from my flist going to this?

SILVER TICKET - $80.00 CDN (approx. $60.00 USD)
Limited! Only 500 Available

1. One autograph (not personalized) on an item of your choice
2. Special limited edition 4x6 autographed photo (Canadian Exclusive)
3. Q& A session (60 minutes)

GOLD TICKET - $200 CDN (approx. $150.00 USD)
Limited! Only 500 Available

1. One autograph (not personalized) on an item of your choice
2. Special limited edition 8x10 autographed photo (Canadian Exclusive)
3. Q & A session (60 minutes)
4. Ticket to the photo session with James Marsters (photo included)
5. Acoustic musical set (45 – 60 minutes)

VIP TICKET - $625 CDN (approx. $500.00 USD)
Limited! Only 200 Available

1. A private cocktail party with James in attendance for including Q&A Session (90 minutes)
2. A private acoustic musical set (45 minutes)
3. One personalized autograph on an item of your choice
4. Special limited edition 11x17 autographed photo (Canadian Exclusive)
5. Ticket to the Saturday night acoustic musical set
6. Ticket to the Saturday photo session with James Marsters (photo included)
7. A free copy of his album
8. Complimentary admission to the Canadian National Expo

NOTE: UNTIL JUNE 30 (Tickets on sale starting May 25) TICKETS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH or (416) 870-8000.



Mar. 30th, 2005 03:39 pm
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[ profile] blond_bear breaks another story:

Not only is James coming to Toronto in August, but so too are Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin!!

That does it. I am so going to this!


Mar. 22nd, 2005 01:09 pm
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[ profile] blond_bear has broken the news that James is coming to Toronto!.

::wants to go and breathe the SAME AIR in the SAME ROOM as JM::

::is pathetic::


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