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Oh, oh, oh - what a perfect ending! Spoilers for Six Feet Under Season 5 )

I need more episodes and there aren't any more, dammit! I need SFU fanfic. I need... Oh God, I need a tissue. I'm just awash.

Dear Lord, this is a good show.

Next up: Season 2 of Party of Five. Because I have not cried enough. No.

::blows nose::
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I'm on Disc 5 of S5 of Six Feet Under. Without getting too spoilery, I need to say:



Jan. 8th, 2006 02:16 pm
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Just finished watching S4 of Six Feet Under. Holy... You can get away with alot more on HBO than you can on regular networks.

I wonder if Joss liked this show? The season-long (sometimes multi-season) arcs and offbeat humour seem like they'd appeal to him.

Now I just gotta wait until S5 comes out. ::chews nails::

The Canadian Figure Skating Championships begin today. Starting this evening, I'll be at the rink for the rest of the week. Which won't do much for the cold I'm nursing, but will still be fun. I won't be around much until next Monday, though I'll probably post a couple of reports for anyone who's interested. "Anyone" being [ profile] romanyg and probably no one else. :-)


Jan. 5th, 2006 11:26 pm
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Michelle Trachtenberg on Six Feet Under is not quite the MT I'm used to seeing on Buffy. Holy bitca! With boobs. Buffy's little sister in pancake makeup and with boobs - that's just weird.

I only have two discs of Six Feet Under S4 left ::sniffs:: and no word yet on when S5 will be released. I am, however, having a strange urge to watch BtVS straight through from S1 to S7, so maybe that'll be my next project.

'Cause it's always good to go home again. :-)
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Just finished watching the third season of Six Feet Under. Um, it wasn't supposed to end that way... They really pull no punches on this show.

Nothing will ever come ahead of the Buffyverse for me, I don't think, but I must say I do like this series. Being an HBO show, the episodes are nice and long - I just wish there were more of them. Season 4 only has 12! But I just noticed that Michelle Trachtenberg is in some of them, so that'll be entertaining.

And Six Feet Under has given me something I've never really had before: an OTP. David/Keith - they're my boys. So very pretty.


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