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I'm lurking on LJ more these days than in the past few months, but haven't quite got that habit of posting back.

What news?

I took a week's holidays last week, which is to say that I was working on some chemistry freelance editing at home and spending seven days in close quarters with many children. The latter was more challenging than the former, actually. Said children are usually nice to be around, but I really must break them of the habit of watching The Simpsons 24/7 in my living room. They have a nice family room downstairs with comfy couches and an X-Box, but the living room is closer to the kitchen (and therefore the food), so the basement TV hasn't become the default yet. However, I have a new and cunning plan: we disconnected the cable from the upstairs TV this evening and plugged it into the stereo instead (Jim wants to see how many radio stations he can get this way). DVDs are still watchable up here, which is mostly what I watch in the summer anyway, but actual cable TV is not. The long-term plan is to buy a big-screen TV for the basement for a 'family' Christmas present. That and six weeks of summer training for lack of other options will hopefully make 'TV' and 'basement' synonomous in their minds.

Jim and I made a quick visit to Toronto over the weekend for a kid-free night at a hotel and a day at Polaris (the convention formerly known as Toronto Trek). They were both fun, in different ways. ;-) I met Ron Glass and got him to sign my Firefly DVDs and Serenity promo poster (I'm up to five BDHs now!), as well as my father's Barney Miller DVDs (a surprise for him--he doesn't know that my sister 'stole' them for me the last time she was over there for dinner :-). I also got Katee Sackhoff to sign my BSG DVDs. I've heard interviews with Ron before, so he was pretty much what I expected, but Katee surprised me. She was smaller and very much more girly than I thought she'd be. For some reason, I thought we'd be presented with a big ego, but she was downright shy at the start of her Q&A. All that Starbuck bluster really is just acting.

After a too short hook-up with [ profile] redeem147, Jim and I took [ profile] sunnyd_lite out for sushi and saki to celebrate her new job.

I haven't posted much on the house lately. We've spent quite a lot of time attacking extraordinarily weedy flowerbeds and hacking down dead branches from trees, so the place is starting to look quite civilized. I have four whisky barrels planted with tomatoes and found my first ripe one yesterday. I also did my research (thanks [ profile] petzipellepingo!) and made a list of plants that like both shade and the toxin oozed out by black walnuts, and the front flowerbed actually looks like, well, a flowerbed. It used to look like a grassy hummock, so I'm calling it a win.

I'm back at work this week, though I can't say I've been terribly productive. I have, however, finished the first draft of Chapter 3 of Wish You Were Here and sent it off to my betas. Hopefully, I'll get it posted later this week.
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Well, it's taken me a few days to get around to reporting on Toronto Trek 20. It was great fun, but left me so tired that I could barely uncross my eyes yesterday. And today, of course, I'm back to the cod. But here, at last, I present Toronto Trek picspam. )

And now--on to Writercon! Woot!
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I met Kaylee!

She's taller than I thought she'd be. She was very nice.

Jim got his picture taken with Sulu. I think he's even more worked up than me. He wants to go to SFX to see Kirk and Spock now.

We just came from a singalong with Once More With Feeling. And we stepped into the Klingon Karaoke for a few minutes, but left when our ears started to bleed.

We're such geeks.
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Toronto Trek is nearly here! I've booked the day off work tomorrow and will be swinging by Peterborough to pick Jim up during the afternoon. Our ETA is in the evening, dinnertimeish. After many, many hours of editing cod this week, I'm looking forward to forgetting about them completely, meeting up with some of my flist, and hopefully going on a hunt for pink martinis with [ profile] sunnyd_lite. Woot!

I had James Marsters sign my Chance DVD at SFX last year--now I'll be able to add Amber Benson's autograph to it. I'll get Jewel Staite to sign the promotional mini-poster that we got at least year's Serenity preview screening. It also has Sean Maher's and Adam Baldwin's autographs on it--that'll be three down, then, and six to go. I'll probably get Jewel to sign the Serenity comic with her cover, too, just because I can.

I also want a photo of Amber and Adam Busch together for the ironicalness of it. (Yes, I know that's not a word.) Jim has no idea who Tara and Warren are as he's just finished watching BtVS S3. Oh well. He's an original series Star Trek fan--I gave him the DVDs over various birthdays and Christmases, so he's going to bring them and get George Takei to sign one. We're debating on going to SFX and adding William Shatner's and Leonard Nimoy's autographs to his collection.

And WriterCon is just two weeks away! ::squees:: July is filled with much fandom happiness this year.

See you tomorrow [ profile] sunnyd_lite, [ profile] redeem147, [ profile] styrofoam_guy, [ profile] hazyone101, and [ profile] lionnesss? [ profile] blond_bear, are you going?
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Jewel Staite has been added to the guest list for Toronto Trek! Yay!
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Feeling a little gobsmacked right now. I had an email this morning informing me that I won the grand prize of a free weekend at this year's Toronto Trek.


Amber Benson and Adam Busch are two of the invited guests. I got James Marsters to sign my Chance DVD at SFX last year - now I can add Amber's signature. Then I'll just need to add Andy Hallett to make a complete set. :-)

I see on their website ( that there are still two guests to be announced. Do you suppose there's any chance that one of our BDH's will show? ::crosses fingers::

So, who else is going? [ profile] sunnyd_lite? [ profile] redeem147? [ profile] styrofoam_guy? [ profile] blond_bear?

I have neither a Tara nor a Warren icon. Clearly, I am completely unprepared.


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