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Pairs' and Men's Long )

I taped the dance final this afternoon, but haven't watched it yet. Not that's there's much suspense about who will win, but I do want to see their free dance.

BTW, all of the winning skates are available at for them who want to watch.
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Lots of skating on the tube today--Original Dance, Pairs' Long, and Men's Long. Two of the three were real horse races. :-)

Here be details on the Original Dance. )

So, not much suspense re: who's going to win gold and silver, but it should be interesting to see who comes up with the bronze.

Pairs and men in the next post.
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I just Googled Paul Wirtz to see what had happened to him. He was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma early last spring and died of it two weeks later. He was a fixture in Canadian pair's skating for decades, and he will be missed.

Men's Short and Ladies' Long )

The pair's long goes this afternoon, and then we get two hours of men's long tonight. Whee!
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::changes fandoms::

How much do I want to be in Halifax right now? A lot. I actually have tickets to this year's Canadian Figure Skating Championships, but I'm not supposed to take vacation time yet from the new job. So my seat at the rink sits in silent testimony to my absence, and I sit on the sofa watching the skating on TV.

And, um, listening to Emanuel Sandhu's rendition of Prince's Purple Rain, as that is his musical debut (you can hear it at his website Quelle diva.

Anyway, tonight was the Ladies' and Pair's short programs.

Cut for sparkles and spandex. )

Tomorrow, the men!
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Really, I will shut up about this soon.

Canadians 2006 - Senior Original Dance )

Senior Pair Free )

Senior Men Long )

Senior Free Dance )

And there you have it - Canadians 2006. A great week, if a very tiring one. It was very nice being home yesterday and not having to stand in endless line-ups for the washroom. :-)
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Canadians 2006 - Senior Women Long )

Joannie Rochette and Mira Leung will be going to Olympics and Worlds.
desoto_hia873: (Bourne & Kraatz) no report tonight. Except to say that Jeff Buttle has won the gold again, just as he did last year. Tomorrow's headline? Should be "ReButtle."

Rebuttle. ::snickers:: I slay myself.

Will also stay online long enough to say that Ben Ferreira skated his last competitive program tonight and will be retiring. He stayed out on the ice for a couple of minutes after he finished skating, waving goodbye to everyone who was giving him a standing ovation in spite of a mediocre performance. 'Cause he's our Ben and we love him THIS <---------------> x100 much. There were tears. Many of them were mine. ::sniffs::

Need. More. Wine.

::dies a little::


Jan. 14th, 2006 12:36 am
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My cousin's uncle (and that makes him what to me?) flew to Ottawa today with his boyfriend to catch the tail end of the skating. Steph gave him her camera with the big zoom lens and told him to be photographer for the evening. His first question: "Do you want pictures of Jeff Buttle's butt?" We said yes, natch. :-)
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After the splatfest that was the women yesterday, I was really looking forward to the men today. I the men. :-)

Canadians 2006 - Senior Men Short )


Jan. 12th, 2006 11:56 pm
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Another long day at the rink - 13.5 hours this time. 13.5 hours in a seat with zero leg room (oy, my knees). Clearly, this is a spectator sport for masochists. And I R one of them.

Junior Men Long )

Overall, it was a well-skated competition. The biggest problem was bits of insulation fluff falling off the ceiling and down onto the ice. There were small battalions of girls with lint rollers lining the rink who would dash on and remove said lint as soon as it appeared. That arena really needs some work.

Next up: Senior Dance Compulsory, Senior Women Short, and Senior Pair Short. But not until tomorrow because I am *pooped*.
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In the interest of not contracting tuberculosis, I have so far today not stepped outside of my apartment. The only reason I got through the night last night was because I had some leftover prescription stuff from years past that completely numbs your mouth and throat when you gargle with it. Without it, I wouldn't have slept at all.

Sitting inside a gigantic refrigerator for hours at a time really is not the best way to deal with a sore throat and cold.

Sadly, I am missing Junior Dance Compulsories, Junior Women Short, and Junior Pairs Short today. Nothing short of hospitalisation would have kept me away from the Senior Men Qualifying yesterday, however. :-)

Canadians 2006 - Senior Men Qualifying )
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He must be famous - his signature is illegible. :-)

Brian Orser's Autograph

(Meredith is my sister's name - am I a great big sister or what?)
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Men. I like men. I really like men. Especially if they're young, athletic, and wearing tights. :-)

Tuesday was the Day of Men at Canadians - Junior Men Short program in the morning and Senior Men Qualifying in the afternoon and evening. I was there for pretty much all of it, plus the first flight of Senior Dance practice afterwards, which meant a 13 hour day at the rink. ::wants a medal of my own:: My throat is consquently very unhappy with me today. I survive only by virtue of the gallons of herbal tea that I'm consuming.

I picked up a copy of the media guide yesterday and it provides me with much useful information like who coaches whom, skating history, music titles, etc. Buy this instead of the regular program - it has actual information in it instead of advertisements.

Canadians 2006 - Junior Men Short Program )

Since the arena isn't that full yet, I've been sitting in prime seats near the boards. As luck would have it, I picked the section next to the one where the VIPs sit. I looked over towards it during the second flight of Junior Men and noticed Brian Orser watching the competition. My sister has always been a huge fan of his, so I approached him during a break and got his autograph for her. :-)

Tune in later today for Senior Men Qualifying.
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Because of the high speed vehicle chases? Because of the dangerous two-wheel turns? Because they're the perfect fashion accessory that goes with everything?

I really have no idea, but all three drivers are wearing 'em this year.

Canadians 2006 - Senior Women Qualifying )

Not surprisingly, five and a half hours spent rinkside made my throat much more sore than it had been the day before. I went to choir practice Monday night as the guest baritone.
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Cough, wheeze... yeah, that rink air isn't doing a thing for my cold.

Canadians 2006 - Junior Men practice )

Today is the Senior Women's Qualifying. Cynthia Phaneuf and Annie Bellemare have both withdrawn due to injury. It's too bad for Annie - she's a veteran and this was likely her last shot at going to Olympics. Cynthia will be around for a while yet, but I'm disappointed we won't get to see her. With two of our strongest women out, this competition could turn out to be a splat-fest. I'm hoping it doesn't.

Off to torture my throat some more in the cold!


Jan. 8th, 2006 02:16 pm
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Just finished watching S4 of Six Feet Under. Holy... You can get away with alot more on HBO than you can on regular networks.

I wonder if Joss liked this show? The season-long (sometimes multi-season) arcs and offbeat humour seem like they'd appeal to him.

Now I just gotta wait until S5 comes out. ::chews nails::

The Canadian Figure Skating Championships begin today. Starting this evening, I'll be at the rink for the rest of the week. Which won't do much for the cold I'm nursing, but will still be fun. I won't be around much until next Monday, though I'll probably post a couple of reports for anyone who's interested. "Anyone" being [ profile] romanyg and probably no one else. :-)


Mar. 17th, 2005 10:39 pm
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Jeff Buttle won silver at Worlds. :-)



Mar. 15th, 2005 08:38 pm
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Jeff Buttle. Goes out and lays it down. Smokin'! Scores a personal best of 77.39 points. I luvs this young man.

ETA: Jeff is in fourth place after the short - just 2 points behind Evgeny Plushenko in third and 3.5 points behind Brian Joubert in second. Stephane Lambiel of Switzerland - who sizzled - is way in the lead.

Connor, er, Johnny Weir fell on his Axel but was otherwise very impressive. Vampire genes will do that for you.

And if Prince were a Japanese figure skater, he would be Daisuke Takahasi.

/figure skating spam


Mar. 15th, 2005 08:12 pm
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Worlds. Men's short program. Emanuel Sandhu lands a perfect quad-triple combination and then pops his Axel.

I'm dying inside.



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