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...this time with different coloured backgrounds. I made a collage. Feel free to disassemble and iconize if you feel so inclined.

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More Icons

Oct. 22nd, 2005 01:50 pm
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More silliness - 2 Books, Badger, Niska, YoSaffBrig, a Reaver, and the Operative. Book has his moustache now. (Oops.)

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Alternative title: How I Spent My Evening Making Silly Pictures. At least it was amusing.

I used the South Park Studio for this nonsense, in case anyone's interested.

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I was curious to see how many icons I had made by various artists (my own are a sad little lot because I have none of them mad skilz). Here's how it turned out:

[ profile] awmp - 9
[ profile] wickedgoddess_, [ profile] cheesygirl - 4
[ profile] crackers4jenn, [ profile] vampkiss, [ profile] delectableoomph, & [ profile] killmebecomeme - 3
[ profile] eyesthatslay, [ profile] red_sunflower, & [ profile] soniablu - 2
[ profile] flurblewig, [ profile] ladywenham, [ profile] redeem147, and 22 others - 1

I realise that this is of interest to no one but me, and so I will back away quietly now.
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I just uploaded 23 new icons, bringing me to a total of 73/100. Whee! I feel flushed, wanton, and yet remarkably restrained - 'cause it would have been so easy to fill all the spaces. But I'm saving room because I feel the need for more Lost icons, some House icons, and possibly some Harry Potter and Monkees icons. And who knows what shows I may fall in love with this season? Well, love is probably too strong a word - fall in like with is better. Let's not be getting ahead of ourselves here.

I'm debating on trying out a Firefly mood theme - there was a really nice one based on Ariel posted on [ profile] serenitysummer this week. It's just that, given my username, it makes me feel vaguely adulterous.

The winners for Round 2 of the RDAs were announced yesteday. Congrats to all the winners - there were some damn fine fics in this round and I discovered quite a number of wonderful authors I hadn't read before. In one of the categories I was assigned, I had a six-way tie going for first place and it was not easy to choose among them.

Which icon to use, which icon to use... OK, this one! Normally, I'm not a huge fan of icons that move because they make my eyes go buggy (of course, I automatically typed that 'go buffy', heh), but this one was too cute to resist.


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